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HAVATEC Company Presentation

No description

Mark Fikkers

on 22 November 2018

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Transcript of HAVATEC Company Presentation

- Started in 2000 by Rien de Vos & Hans Valk
- First products, Mushroom sorting systems
- 2003 Introduction of the Bulbstar
- 2005 Break through by the Flower grading and bunching technology for Gerbera's
- 2009 Introduction of the Tulipstar with X-ray technology
- 2009 Introduction of the Florastar with X-ray technology
- Own Production facilities of 4200 square meter (10 locations)
- 70 full time employees
- Strong position in the Horticulture industry
- Innovation image
- Introduction of 2 new machines/solutions per year
- Service on demand (24/7)
- More then 500 machines operating in the world in different markets
- Own mechanical and software engineering
HAVATEC is an International supplier of sorting, bunching and handling equipment for the horticulture industry with her specialization in cut-flowers
HAVATEC Markets:
HAVATEC is specialized in:
Different HAVATEC Solutions
- 8 Service vans
- Every High Tech installation is connected to internet
- Service options by a contract
- Available 24/7 in the Tulip season
- Critical parts on stock
- International service support points
- 1 year guarantee on a new installation
- International Installation team
HAVATEC International
HAVATEC Colombia
Havatec Projects:

Havatec did Projects in Canada, USA, Australia, France, Norway, Sweden, Belgium, Russia, Germany, Colombia, China, UK)
HAVATEC 3D Engineering + Total projects:
- Production partners for all the steelwork
- Own Assembling
- Testing area
HAVATEC Sales team:
Mark Fikkers
Sales Director
Email: Mark.Fikkers@havatec.nl
Tel: 0031(0)6 29017086
Hans Valk
Sales Development
Email: Hans.Valk@havatec.nl
Tel: 0031(0)6 20394890
Daniel Hoyos
Service and aftersales Colombia
Email: dhoyos@biccofarms.com
Tel: 0057-313-804-5219
HAVATEC Colombia
Some HAVATEC Customers
- Sorting, Bunching and Handling
- Camera & X-Ray sorting technology
High-tech Concepts
Quality Buncher
Cheese sorting machine
Calla Sorting machine
- 2011 - 2017 Havatec wins the FD Gazelle award (fast growing companies)
- 2012 Introduction of the Quality Buncher
- 2013 Introduction of the Calla Sorting Machine
- 2013 Start HAVATEC Colombia (Service / Sales organization in Colombia)
- 2013 Introduction of the Gerbera Insert system The FlowMaster
- 2014 Introduction of the MagniFica sorting and bunching machine
- 2014 Introduction of the Quality Buncher 2.0
- 2015 Introduction of the Havatec Debulber, harvesting systems for flowers
- 2016 Introduction of BulbStar 2.0
- 2017 Havatec starts with building new facility
- 2018 Introduction of the Quality Grader

- Sales and Service partners for a quick response
- Lead generators
- Market information
- Small teams
- Critical parts on stock
- Relation management
- Local communication / culture aspects
Business motivation HAVATEC partner:
- Service (Contracts)
- Service on demand
- Sales fee
- Spare parts sale
HAVATEC International strategy
HAVATEC High Tech Impressions
Tulipstar concept
FloraStar concept
Debulber concept
Quality Buncher 2.0
The way to become the leading international supplier for sorting, bunching and handling equipment is based on there existing and new innovations on machinery present in 3 technical levels: Low, Mid and High Tech.
HAVATEC Service department
Tulipstar movie
Florastar movie
Quality Buncher movie
Monostar movie
Agro Industry
Mark Fikkers
HAVATEC Masterplan
HAVATEC Production department
HAVATEC flower handling mission:
- Small series dedicated to the specifications of the flower
- Every flower gets his own machine
- Custom made installations
- Machines are designed in modules
Gerbera Insert system

Hayoma services
Heavy Flower Sorting & Bunching machine
HAVATEC Mid Tech Impressions
Gerbera Concepts
MagniFica concept
Bouquet line Concepts
HAVATEC Low Tech Impressions
Conveyor Concepts

Antonio Dos Santos
Sales Manager Export
Email: Antonio.dossantos@havatec.nl
Tel: 0031(0)6 22 42 31 98
International Supporters
- Hayoma Vancouver
- Nova Agro Russia
- Haakman Flowerbulbs
- ARC France
Specificaties Quality Grader
- Capaciteit ca 3500 st/uur - Optisch Camera systeem
- Snijmes - Besturing
- 2-10 bosstations + afkeurbak - Per steel ontbladeren
- 2 binders Havatec / ARC - Eenvoudig onderhoud
Introduction Havatec
Quality Grader , korte uitleg
Busines case Quality Grader
Discussie en rondleiding
Demonstratie prototypes
R&D film Quality Grader
Return on Investment ?
Full transcript