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Code Lyoko

No description

Zamir Dove

on 5 May 2018

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Transcript of Code Lyoko

Code Lyoko
By, Zamir Dove
This concludes my Code lyoko presentation.
This show is about a group with the names of Jeremy Belpois, Ulrich Stern, Yumi Ishiamaya, Odd Della Robia. They discover a supercomputer in a basement of an abandoned factory. They turn it on and find a girl trapped in there. Her name is Aelita and she is living on a virtual world called Lyoko. 10 years ago, her father, Franz Hopper put her on Lyoko to protect her from the government who was after them. But, Aelita doesn't remember any of it after Franz shut down the supercomputer for 10 years because of a Artificial Intelligence named X.A.N.A. which threatens the world. Once the group of friends discover Aelita and X.A.N.A., they work together to free Aelita and protect her from X.A.N.A.. They eventually get her out but that doesn't stop X.A.N.A. from trying to get to Aelita.
Main Characters
What is it
Code Lyoko is a French animated television series created and produced by MoonScoop production and France 3.
The channel it broadcast on in America was Cartoon Network. This show orginates from France.
Some of the sites I got this imformation from was Wikipedia, tvtropes.org, and more.
How Does X.A.N.A Attack?
X.A.N.A can attack the real world by activating towers on Lyoko which connect to the real world so X.A.N.A can control anything electric or posses anyone or thing.
Activated Tower: How to Tell
The first way to tell if there is an activated tower is a super scan that Jeremy created that automatically tells if there is a activated tower.
Second, because Aelita in some way is connected to Lyoko, she can feel pulsations in the ground of the four sectors of Lyoko including the core that leads straight to the tower.
Third, around the tower you can see smoke, if it is blue, the tower is deactivated, if red that mean it is activated by X.A.N.A.. But, if the smoke is green, that means Jeremy has activated a tower in certain episodes.
The last way to tell if X.A.N.A. is attacking is if people notice strange things going on or if X.A.N.A. has possessed someone. You can tell if there possessed if the have the eye of X.A.N.A symbol in their eyes. This is the symbol.
How Does Aelita Deactivate a tower?
Aelita deactivates a tower by passing through the entrance. She walks onto a platform and to the circle in the middle. She starts to fly up and lands on another platform. She puts her hand a interface and it spells out her name, then says the word, "code" ,and then says, "LYOKO", which is the code to deactivate the tower. once it has been deactivated, X.A.N.A'S attack on anyone is neutralized , then Jeremy launches a return to the past, but, if someone dies, than the effect of the return does not revive them.
Questions, Comments, Appreciations
Sector 5 (Core of Lyoko)
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