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No description

Jennifer Audette

on 15 January 2014

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Transcript of Homework

How much is enough? Or too much?
A general rule is 10 minutes times the grade level.

So lets do the math:

10 X 9 = 90 minutes divided by 4 = 22.5 minutes per core subject

10 X 12 = 120 / 4 = 30 minutes per core subject

Collaboration is key!!
Parent Involvement
Parent engagement meeting

Communication doesn't have to be after the fact.

What are we doing?
Homework Task Force

Staff and student surveys
Think Differently
Utilize technology in order to help your students work smarter.

Consider breaking the traditional ideas of homework assignments.
What is it?
To provide students with multiple opportunities to learn a skill or process.

To review and apply knowledge.

Used as an opportunity to connect background knowledge to an upcoming unit.

To preview information.
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