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Chapter 20: The Shang Dynasty

No description

Mr. Command

on 4 December 2017

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Transcript of Chapter 20: The Shang Dynasty

Chapter 20:

The Shang Dynasty

20.1 Introduction
Ruled the area around the Huang He from 1700 to 1122 B.C.E.

The Shang were a clan fighting for control of China

The Shang were not discovered until 1899 when an oracle bone was found
20.2 A Shang Capital City
Capital cities included: palaces, temples, houses workshops
Most famous example: Anyang
The king's palace sat on top of human bones...
Shang performed human sacrifices

When a king was buried they would sacrifice slaves, servants & animals for the king's afterlife
Would also bury food, weapons, carvings, pottery and chariots
Human Sacrifice
20.3 Shang Government
Shang were led by a powerful king who controlled all of the land
To get more powerful, kings set up kingdoms
Led by his younger brother or nephews

Kings depended on strong armies
Constant fighting between clans
Would capture POW for workers or sacrifice

Shang were strong because of bronze weapons
mix of copper and tin

20.3 Cont...
Shang Armies:
foot soldiers, archers, cavalry on horses and elephants, and chariots
Chariots were two-wheeled boxes drawn by horses, with 3 soldiers
Driver in the middle
Spear carrier on the left
Archer on his right

Terrifying Army!!
Shang Army
20.4 Shang Social Classes
and relatives

- Life of Luxury
Fought in the King's army
controlled land
Lived in palaces
Spent time hunting
King gave them discs as symbols of power
20.4 Cont...
3) Craftspeople - skilled workers
bronze and jade workers
potters and stonemasons

4) Traders - merchants
Shang traded a lot!
Money was cowrie seashells
valuable because they came from far away
20.4 Cont...
5) Farmers - the largest class
worked on small plots of land
Grew: wheat, barely, rice, fruit, veggies and nuts
They did not own the land
Gave crops to the king

6) Slaves - captured in war
built tombs and palaces

20.5 Religion
Shang believed in life after death and worshiping their ancestors
would offer wine, food and humans as sacrifice

The King ruled because he descended from ancestors

Shang used oracle bones to talk to the ancestors
made from turtle shell or cow shoulder blade
the crack of the shell/bone would make a pattern
the holy man would read the message
20.6 Writing
Early Chinese writing first used pictographs - images that stand for objects

The Shang used logographs - written characters that represent words

Written language help unify the Chinese people
20.7 Art
Great skill with bronze and jade (hard stone)
hardness of jade stood for wisdom
20.8 Technology
Bronze-making is a main reason why the Shang were in power for more than 500 years
arrowheads, spearheads, ax heads and helmets
20.9 The End of the Shang
Fighting so many wars weakened the military

Kings were greedy with spending money on themselves

Zhou defeated and overthrew the Shang
Shang king threw himself into the fire...
Mr. Command
Shang Nobleman
Nobel Disc
Shang King
Shang Bronze
Shang Bronze & Jade Spear
Shang Jade
Shang Pictograph
Jade = Wisdom
Chinese War Elephants
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