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Prince Kshathra

on 15 May 2014

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Transcript of STANDARD SSWH9

e. Describe the Counter Reformation at the Council of Trent and the role of the Jesuits
f. Describe the English Reformation and the role of Henry VIII and Elizabeth I.
g. Explain the importance of Gutenburg and the invention of the printing press.

a. Explain the social, economic, and political changes that contributed to the rise of Florence and the ideas of Machiavelli.
b. Identify artistic and scientific achievements of Leonardo da Vinci, the "Renaissance man", and Michelangelo.
c. Explain the main characteristics of humanism; include the ideas of Petrarch, Dante, and Erasmus.
d. Analyze the impact of the Protestant Reformation; include the ideas of Martin Luther and John Calvin.
SSWH9 b.
He created the Mona Lisa, The Last Supper, and many other very famous works of art.
Designed aircraft(prototypes/sketches only).
One of the most famous Renaissance artists.
SSWH9 a.
SSWH9 b.
Also a "Renaissance man"
His best works are Pietà and David.
Painted the Sistine chapel.
Influenced Western art the most.
SSWH9 a.
Social - Birthplace of the Renaissance
Economic - The first banks were starting to appear.
Banks owned by Medicis
Political - Ruling family changes multiple times. Florence becomes Rep. in 1527.
SSWH9 a.
Social - The ancient Greeks and Romans influenced his writings and thinking.
Political - Machiavelli was heavily influenced by ancient politics; especially the writings of Plato, Xenophon, and Aristotle.
SSWH9 b.
SSWH9 c.
Humanism emphasizes the value and agency of human beings.
Dante, a famous humanist wrote Dante's Inferno, describing the afterlife.
SSWH9 c.
Humanism started in the Renaissance.
Includes anatomy, classicism, reason.learning, nature, realism, and perspective.
Erasmus, another famous humanist, wrote many books influenced by humanist ideas, such as The Praise of Folly.
SSWH9 c.
Petrarch is considered the Father or Humanism.
First to develop the idea of the "Dark Ages"
Italian Poet and scholar.
SSWH9 c.
SSWH9 d.
Protestant Reformation was a schism within Western Christianity.
Started when Martin Luther posted the 95 theses.
95 theses led to the creation of Protestant churches.
SSWH9 d.
John Calvin created Calvinism.
He reformed Geneva using the 95 Theses as an example.
He was one of the two [main] leaders of the Reformation.
SSWH9 d.
SSWH9 e.
Council of Trent - Cardinals who were in charge of indulgences, etc.
Maintained basic medieval church style.
Rejected the Protestants and tried to stamp them out.
SSWH9 e.
Jesuits anted Catholic renewal.
Expanded the church into the Americas and Asia.
Saw the pope as the absolute ruler.
SSWH9 e.
SSWH9 f.
The English Reformation is when the English church broke away from the pope's rule.
Changed from the Catholic church to the Anglican church.
SSWH9 f.
Henry VIII was listening to a Catholic advisor, but git rid of him which caused confusion.
Elizabeth I created a compromise between Protestants and Catholics. The Anglicans.
SSWH9 f.
SSWH9 g.
Gutenburg invented the printing press in 1450.
He used a Chinese idea and improved it.
Helped spread ideas.
Encouraged vernacular.
SSWH9 f.
SSWH9 Quiz
1.What was the Reformation?
2. T/F, da Vinci wrote Dante's Inferno.
3.Who invented the printing press?
a Gutenburg
b da Vinci
c Dante
d Martin Luther
4 T/F, Erasmus posted the 95 theses.
5 T/F, the Medicis owned Florentine banks.
Kristen Conway
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