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It's Kind of A Funny Story

No description

Olivia Cook

on 6 April 2011

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Transcript of It's Kind of A Funny Story

It's Kind Of A Funny Story Ned Vizzini A Novel Noelle Bobby Stressed Depressed Overworked Worried Scared "It's terrific: funny, incisive, disarming."
-New York Magazine "The wise, witty narrator amd sensitive
handling of a hot topic should win over
older teens--and their parents" -People Magazine "A book about depression that's not the
least bit depressing." -Teen Vogue Craig is a troubled teenager living in
Booklyn, New York. He is currently
attending 'Executive Pre-Professional',
a very exclusive magnet school for the
highly gifted. But Craig isn't exactly 'gifted',
because of the stress and pressure to keep
up with such a school, Craig soon develops
depression. is a patient at psychiatric hospital
that Craig is staying
at. At first he is a little freaked out by her because of the self-induced scars on her face. They become good friends when they go to art class, music class, and hang out on the visitors bench. They later start dating. is another patient at the hospital that Craig befriends. He looks after Bobby and gives him advice on a nerve-wracking job interveiw. Since Bobby has been staying at the hospital for quite some time, he shows Craig around and helps him feel at home. Craig Gilner is a typical 16-year-old who lives in Brooklyn, New York. Except he’s… Craig attends one of the most exclusive magnet schools in New York City, Executive Pre-Professional. To add to the stress of going to a high-end school, Craig has a very intimidating best friend named Aaron. Aaron is one of the smartest students at Executive Pre-Professional. He smokes marijuana, he throws wild parties, and has a girlfriend. But she’s not just any girlfriend; she’s THE girlfriend, Nia-- whom Craig has had a crush on since he met her. Craig has finally been pushed to the limit and develops depression, which leads to an eating disorder, using pot, vomiting, and suicidal thoughts. He can’t take it anymore and the anxiety and depression is building so much that he decides to kill himself. After being too afraid to commit suicide, he calls a suicide hotline. He then admits himself to the local psychiatric hospital. Craig is under the care of a new doctor and meets many new people. At first he isn’t quite in love with the idea of spending a week in a mental ward, but then grows to enjoy his stay in “6 North”. He befriends Bobby, a long-time patient at the hospital who is trying his best to start a new life outside of the hospital. Craig helps him prepare for a job interview and lends him a nice shirt for the occasion. Craig also meets Noelle, another patient around his age. They become close friends after a few art classes, music sessions, and meeting up once and a while. Craig has never felt like he had a special talent or trait, but while he’s at the hospital, he discovers that he truly enjoys art and starts making ‘Brain Maps’ to help calm himself. These ‘Brain Maps’ are highly admired by the other patients and Craig decides to carry-on the hobby after leaving 6 North. It is also the theme for the cover of this book. Craig is able to find a new personality and learns a little bit about himself during his stay. Craig realizes that he controls his own life and decisions. This story is about Craig finding himself at 6 North. I think this is a great book to read because of its ability to relate to most teenage problems. You don’t have to have depression to read this book. It has a good story of finding your true self when you least expect it!
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