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Potato Osmosis

No description

Izza Khan

on 10 February 2014

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Transcript of Potato Osmosis

The raw potato absorbed the water in the container, The salt in the hollow has water in it now making the salt in the hollow damp showing that Osmosis occurred
The boiled potato did not absorb the water in the container and the salt is the same as it was before, no changes occurred.
This experiment proved our hypothesis wrong, but proved that Osmosis occurs in a raw potato and not in a boiled potato. Our experiment did not work like we thought but we learned from this error and figured out how and why this happened.
The raw potato will show no change or effect of Osmosis. As for the boiled potato, it will show a change by absorbing the water and displaying Osmosis
The Purpose of this experiment is to investigate if Osmosis will occur best with a boiled potato or a raw potato in water.
Potato ( boiled)
Potato ( Raw)
2 Transparent Containers
1 Peeler
1 tablespoon Salt
Water ( Same Temp)
As a result Water molecules move from outside the unboiled potato into the unboiled potato half, which is acting as a selectively permeable membrane. Water accumulates insides the hollow. The boiled potato has half dead cells, so no process of osmosis occurred.
Potato Osmosis
Why did this Happen
To start this experiment, we will take two potatoes, boil one of them and leave the other one raw. Then, once the boiled potato has cooled down, we will peel both potatoes and cut them in half. We will also cut one cm off the bottom of each of the halves. We will take one half of each of the potatoes, and cut a hole in the center with the potato peeler. We will then fill both of the holes with 1/2 tablespoon of table salt. Next, we will take the transparent containers and fill them both up to half full. We will then take the potatoes and put them both in the center of containers. Then, we will wait two hours, and get our result.

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