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Amendment Notebook

U.S. Constitution Amendments 1-27

Braden Weber

on 27 September 2012

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Transcript of Amendment Notebook

Amendment 10 Amendment Notebook Table of Contents Amendment 1
-Freedom of petition, press, religion, and speech
Amendment 2
-Right to bear arms
Amendment 3
-Quartering of soldiers
Amendment 4
-Search and arrest
Amendment 5
-Rights of the accused in a criminal trial
Amendment 6
-Right to speedy and public trial
Amendment 7
-Right to trial by jury in common law
Amendment 8
-No cruel or unusual punishment in court
Amendment 9
-States all other rights not spelled out in the Constitution Amendment 10
-Reserved Powers
Amendment 11
-Places limits on suits against states
Amendment 12
-Revises procedures for electing the president and vice president
Amendment 13
-Abolishes slavery
Amendment 14
-Defines U.S. citizenship and guarentees all citizens "equal protection of the laws"
Amendment 15
-Prohibits the restriction on the right to vote based on race and color
Amendment 16
-Gives Congress the power to levy an income tax without appointment to the several states
Amendment 17
-Enables voters to elect senators directly
Amendment 18
-Prohibits making, drinking, or selling alcoholic beverages Amendment 19
-Gives women the right to vote
Amendment 20
-Changes the dates of congressional and presidential terms
Amendment 21
-Repeals prohibition
Amendment 22
-Limits presidents to two terms in office
Amendment 23
-Gives residents of the District of Columbia (D.C.) the right to vote
Amendment 24
-Abolishes poll taxes
Amendment 25
-Establishes procedures for succession to the presidency
Amendment 26
-Sets voting age at 18 years
Amendment 27
-Delays congressional pay raises until the term following their passage Amendment 1 Amendment 2 Amendment 3 Amendment 4 Amendment 5 5 Amendment 6
Amendment 7 Amendment 8 Amendment 9 Amendment 11 Amendment 12 Amendment 13 Amendment 14 Amendment 15 Amendment 16 Amendment 17 Amendment 18 Amendment 19 Amendment 20 Amendment 21 Amendment 22 Amendment 23 Amendment 24 Amendment 25 Amendment 26 Amendment 27 Braden Weber
3rd Period - Lantzy
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