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Life of Pi Timeline

No description

Tonia Sprague

on 7 February 2013

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Transcript of Life of Pi Timeline

Life of Pi Timeline Piscine Molitor Patel is born. A Chronological Documentation of significant events in the story, Life of Pi.

By: Tonia Sprague After the cat and the boat... Pi continues to practice his beliefs.
He goes to University for Zoology and Religious Studies.
He has a family and is happy.
Author meets Francis Adirbasamy.
"I have a story that will make you believe in God." Mamaji teaches Pi to swim. Santosh teaches Pi and Ravi the dangers of animals. (Not in book, but it obviously had to happen.) "Mamji had to wait until I came into the picture to find willing disciple. The day I came of swimming age, which, to Mother's distress, Mamaji claimed was seven, he brought me down to the beach, spread his arms seaward and said, "This is my gift to you." "Tigers are *very* dangerous," Father shouted. "I want you to understand that you are never -under *any* circumstances- to touch a tiger, to pet a tiger, to put your hands through the bars of a cage, even to get close to a cage. Is that clear? ..." Pi starts practicing his 3 religions. "I was fourteen years old -and a well-content Hindu on a holiday- when I first met Jesus Christ." The Patels make the decision to move to Canada. "Canada meant absolutely nothing to us. It was like Timbuktu, by definition a place permanently far away." The Tsimtsum sinks. Pi's family dies. Pi is now alone on a lifeboat with wild animals. The hyena attacks the zebra, eating it while it's still alive. Tries to attack Orange Juice (is not successful). Pi builds a raft out of supplies on the boat. Pi devises a plan to "tame" Richard Parker. Pi stops looking for ships. A tanker passes by the lifeboat. Pi tries to get its attention with a flare but fails to aim properly. Pi goes blind. Meets other shipwreck survivor who is later killed by Richard Parker. Pi and RP drift on to an island covered in algae.
Pi finds human teeth in the trees and discovers the island is carnivorous. Pi and RP wash up on a Mexican coast. RP leaves without a single goodbye. Pi wakes up in a hospital. Tells his story. Pi is interrogated to see how the Tsimtsum sank. "This story has a happy ending." "Everything was screaming: the sea, the wind, my heart. From the life boat I saw something in the water." "...It pushed itself out, only to slide back down. It finally settled in this position, half in, half out. The Zebra was being eaten alive from the inside. "I built a raft. The oars, if you remember, floated. And I had life jackets and a sturdy lifebouy." "I had to tame him. It was that moment that I realized this necessity..." "The ship slid by for what seemed like a mile, a mile of high, black canyon wall, a mile of castle fortification with not a single sentinel to notice us languishing in the moat..." ' "Is someone there?" came the voice again, insistent.' "...A molar, to be exact. The surface stained green and finely pierced with holes." "...Then Richard Parker, companion of my torment, awful, fierce thing that kept me alive, moved forward and disappeared forever from my life." "...We have come to see you about the sinking of the ship Tsimtsum, of which you were a passenger. Would it be possible to talk to you now?"
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