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Samuel de Champlain

A quick yet knowledgeful presentation of Samuel de Champlain

Khalyl Negron

on 14 November 2013

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Transcript of Samuel de Champlain

Samuel de Champlain
Samuel's Second Voyage
Samuel's second journey lasted from 1604-1607. He went back to Canada hoping he could find more knowledge and explore farther south. He proceeded as planned. He settled farther north but made a well known settlement known as Quebec. Quebec took a while to grow due to diseases but Samuel left to go explore. He befriended many tribes and explored the Great Lakes region. He traveled as far south as Cape Cod but when he went back north, their were native tribes that didn't like Samuel as much. That tribe sided with Britain and eventually they kicked Samuel out.
Samuel Kept Trying
Samuel went to France once again and decided he had to establish a settlement and take care of the Iroquois (hostile native americans). He explored more of the St.Lawrence River and made a peace treaty with Iroquois. He finally established a successful French fur trading monopoly and befriend almost all of the native americans that were in that area. He was eventually captured by the British and died a captive of the British.
Samuel de Champlain persevered in creating a French fur trading monopoly in Canada and he achieved his goal. He established the city of Quebec and explored the Great Lakes region. Yet he did not complete his goal of crossing the Isthmus of Panama to get from the Atlantic to the Pacific. The French trader lived to be about 68 years old and died on Christmas day, 1635.
Samuel's overview/childhood
Samuel de Champlain was born in Brouage, France around 1570. His father was a man known by the name of Antoine Champlain and he was a navy captain. He tought Samuel how to sail and how to get a good crew. His mother on the other hand was just a normal French women known as Marguerite Le Roy. Before being a French trader, Samuel was part of the French Catholic army. His goal in life was to secure French trading establishments and create secure colonies in areas outside of France. He was known for exploring the great lakes and one of his famous ideas were to cross the Atlantic and march over the Isthmus of Panama to get to the Pacific (yet he never did it). He later married Helene Boulle. He later went back to France, only to be taken war prisoner to the British and die on Christmas day in Quebec. Samuel is also known as "The Father of New France".
Samuel's First Voyage
While Champlain was in the French Catholic Army, he noticed it wasn't the life for him so he decided to become an explorer and explore Canada. It was a short journey in which Samuel settled fur trading posts and short time relationships with some of the native trbies. He explored north of the great lakes and went as far south as to Maine. He came back to France with more knowledge on eastern Canada and he brought fur coats with him.
Remeber That?
He would have settled Quebec in this area and it would have grown exponentially since
Google Earth
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