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Case 13 Hawaiian Sights

No description

Jordan Fisher

on 26 September 2013

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Transcript of Case 13 Hawaiian Sights

Case 13 Hawaiian Sights
Hawaiian Sights
A walking tour that covered the least explored areas of "Olde Honolulu". These places are bypassed by major tour buses and do not allow tourists to interact with Hawaii's "real people". Evelyn Wako came up with this idea when she noticed that the most important part of a tour was the natives and that most commercial tours skipped over them. She realized you needed to walk to really see what Hawaii is like. Because walking tours are successful in Europe, Wako figured they would be just as successful in Hawaii.
Hawaiin Sights is struggling to solicit support from tour operators because tour operators did not see how successful this type of tour would be. They did not think people would want to take a city bus and then walk when there are so many other private bus tours already in existence. Tour operators also do not think the tours will produce enough revenue to peak their interest as lunch is not included on the tour and the tourists are visiting relatively cheap places.
Hawaiin Sights was included in tour brochures of several tour operators and 2 airlines but sales were still lower than expected and Wako started searching for ways to advertise her tours. She wanted hotel travel desks to recommend her tours but they declined knowing their clientele is too upscale to take the city bus. Wako cannot find a way to attract sufficient numbers of tourists to make her new business profitable.
We recommend that Hawaiian Sights can hire their own bus company for their tourists to ride on instead of making them take the city bus. We recommend this because most people might be nervous to ride public transportation in an unfamiliar city and then higher class hotels will actually support advertising Hawaiian Sights.
Instead of Hawaiian Sights being a walking tour, Wako can transform it into a Segway tour. This way tourists can still go through the cities and meet the locals, but they will not have to walk and instead they can try something new and fun on the tour. Segway tours have become pretty popular recently and if the tourists enjoy it, they will tell all their friends about them and then their friends will want to try it out as well. Advertising a Segway tour will generate more buisness than advertising a walking tour and it will ultimately be more successful.
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