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Spring Storm

No description

Matt Kalinovic

on 5 September 2013

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Transcript of Spring Storm

Spring Storm
By Jim Wayne Miller

He comes gusting out of the house,
the screen door a thunderclap behind him.

He moves like a black cloud
over the lawn and---stops.

A hand in his mind grabs
a purple crayon of anger
and messes the clean sky.

He sits on the steps, his eye drawing
a mustache on the face in the tree.

As his weather clears,
his rage dripping away,

wisecracks and wonderment
spring up like dandelions.
Jim Wayne Miller, a native of the mountain country of North Carolina, was graduated from Berea College in Kentucky in 1958 and received his Ph.D. in German and American Literature from Vanderbilt University in 1965. While at Vanderbilt, as an NDEA Fellow, he studied under Fugitive poet Donald Davidson and Hawthorne Scholar Randall Stewart. He was a Professor of German language and literature at Western Kentucky.
The Type of poem is a free verse, the reason why is because there are No even stanzas, pattens and there is no rhyming lines in this poem.
Type And Why
The Theme of the poem is anger i believe the poet tried to show anger in his poem. something may have happend in the past towards the poet through his life time .
The poet is trying to convey anger amotions and after a rain of terrier a new life appears and a chance to rebirth.
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