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The Mighty: Max's Hero's Journey

No description

Catherine S.

on 1 April 2014

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Transcript of The Mighty: Max's Hero's Journey

Crossing the First Threshold
Max crosses the first threshold when he and Freak escape from Blade and become Freak the Mighty. They have to work together to escape from Tony D. and his gang by working as one. The police to to Freak and Max after the chase.
"...when they ask him for his name, he says, 'We're Freak the Mighty, that's who we are...'" (39-40)
The Mighty: Max's Hero's Journey
By Catherine S.
Ordinary World
"Well, I was a butthead, because like I said, I never had a brain until Freak moved down the street. The summer before eighth grade, right?" (4)
Call to Adventure
" Then the strange little dude jerks himself around and he catches sight of me and he lifts a crutch and points it up at my heart and goes, 'Identify yourself, earthling.'" (8)
Refusal of the Call
"'One more step,' Freak says. 'Steady. Steady. Now lift up your hoof - I mean your foot. There we made it!'" (48)
Max is a seventh grade boy who lives with his grandparents. He believes he isn't smart. He also believes, that his grandparents are somewhat fearful of him because of who his father is and what his father has done. They fear that he will become like his father.
Max's call to adventure is when he befriends Freak. All his life Max has been rejected so when he sees Freak and Freak talks to him, he is presented with a new challenge; getting a friend.
Max refuses the call when Gwen invites him to dinner. His new friendship with Freak started earlier that day, but he still didn't want to go. His grandmother makes him go to dinner at Freak's house.
"'...And she's inviting you to supper.' First thing, without thinking I say, 'Do I have to?'" (23)
Max's mentor is Freak, because Freak has created a new, happier life for Max and help's max in times of need. Freak does his best to be with Max throughout everything. He also shares his adventures with Max and even starts Max on his own adventures.
Test #1:
Test #2:
One of Max's tests is when he and Freak find and return Loretta's wallet. It is one of their first adventures and Max shows he is now willing to go along it Freak's plans and trusts him.
Another one of Max's tests is when Freak is choking on chop suey. Max's character is tested and he shows he cares more about Freak than himself.
"'...I have a quest in mind'...'Cool. What kind of quest is this?'" (55)
"'You've had quite a day, haven't you?' She says... 'It's not me who had quite a day,' I say. 'Kevin is the one. All he did was try and eat his lunch.'" (87)
Along the way Max is helped by numerous people. One of his helpers is Iggy. Iggy helps Max escape from hi father by luring him away from Max. He also trys to give Max hints to let Max know he is on his side.
"Iggy shuts up. Every now and then he sneaks a look at me like he's trying to tell me something with his eyes, but I can't figure out what." (121)
One of Max's enemies is his father. When Max was little his father killed his mother. His father also kidnaps him from his home.
"'...Okay, we're leaving, and not a peep out of you.'" (101)

Approach to the Inmost Cave
Max approaches the inmost cave when his father is trying to kill Loretta. As Max tries to stop his father from killing Loretta the memories of when his father killed his mother run through his mind.
"...he's doing the same thing to Loretta Lee he did to my mom, chocking the life out of her, and he's got that same cold killer look because he wants her to die, like he wanted my mom to die..." (128-129)
Supreme Ordeal
Max's supreme ordeal is when he fights his father. He tells his father he remembers when he killed his mother. His father almost kills him, but Max escapes with help from Freak. Freak squirts a concoction into Max's fathers eyes making him think his eyes are burning. Max and Freak escape and Max's father is arrested.
"'I have to clean this up,' he says...That's when his hands start to tighten hard and fast around my neck. I'm trying to fight him but I'm so small and weak and he's so big and strong, you can't stop him, no one can stop Killer Kane." (130)
The Road Back
The road back for Max is when Freak dies When Max finds out he has a total breakdown and breaks into Freaks hospital room.
"I go, 'Is Kevin back yet?' 'Oh dear, oh dear,' she says. 'Is he going to be okay?' 'Oh dear,' she says. 'Oh dear.'...That's when I notice that some of the nurses are crying and looking at me strange and all of a sudden I just go nuts. Just go nuts." (154-155)
Max is resurrected when he talks to Loretta about how his life is going. She lets him know that he shouldn't hold back from life and that he should move on.
"'...So what are you doing these days?' 'Nothing.' She gives me this long look and she goes, 'Nothing is a drag, kid. Think about it.'" (160)
The "New" Max
"So I wrote the unvanquished truth stuff down and then kept on going...And now that I've written a book who knows, I might even read a few. No big deal." (160)
To move on from Freak's death or rather embrace it, Max writes in the book Freak gave him. He documents all of their adventures like Freak asked him to in the hospital before his death.
Max explains what he thinks of himself.
When Freak is moving into the neighborhood he sees Max walking by and asks for his name, but in a way that's a bit different from what other people might say.
Max's Grandma tells him about Gwen inviting him to dinner and he is at first against the idea.
After being chased by Blade and his gang, the police ask Max and Freak questions.
Now Freak the Mighty, Max and Freak work together with Freak being the brain and Max the brawn.
After a few adventures, Freak presents Max with a new one and he is ready for action.
After Freak is taken in the ambulance Max's principle says he's had a crazy day, but Max thinks otherwise.
When Max and his father are with Iggy, Max senses that Iggy is trying to tell him something, but he doesn't know what it is.
"'I saw you do it,' I say.'I saw you kill my mother.'" (129)
Max's father kidnaps him from his home in the middle of the night.
Max tells his father that he saw him kill his mother.
After being with his father for the night Max finally sees the true evil in his father come out again.
After Max tells his father that he remembers him killing his mother, his father tries to kill him.
"...it was soap and vinegar and curry powder that made Killer Kane think his eyes were burning up - Killer Kane, who is still rubbing his eyes and begging for help when they put the handcuffs on him and shove him into the back of a police van. (133)
After they've escaped and Freak is saying what was in the concoction he sprayed in Killer Kane's eyes, Max realizes what a minor thing defeated Killer Kane as his father is getting arrested.
When Max goes to the ICU and asks one of the nurses about Freak, she and other nurses realize who Max is and are overwhelmed because they know Max is about to find out about Freak's death.
Max sees Loretta Lee and she asks him how things are going.
Max writes in the book he got from Freak.
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