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Bird Flu

The Disease I was researching in science! LIke A BOSS!

Anthony Shirazi

on 28 January 2013

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Transcript of Bird Flu

BREAKING NEWS With Anthony Shirazi Bird Flu There has been a recent outbreak of the Bird Flu virus or H5N1 in the eastern part Iowa. This disease flourishes in unsanitary, open air markets in which birds are crowded together and which is where most people are getting infected in this outbreak. As of now it spreads to humans from contact with infected bird's

nasal secretions

though it can be spread from human to human, that hasn't happened yet during this outbreak. If you think you are infected or have been in close contact with birds, check against these symptoms.

dry cough
sore throat
muscle aches
eye infections
hoarse voice
nose and gum bleeding
severe respiratory diseases
crackling noise when
inhaling Even if you have a only a few of these symptoms visit your doctor immediately because prescribed drugs for bird flu such as Amantadine, Rimantadine, Tamiflu and Relenza only work if taken soon after symptoms appear. If you do not have any of these symptoms but are in or near the area you can avoid this disease by getting your regular flu shot, staying away from raw eggs and when cooking chicken, cook thoroughly. If you own a bird, follow all these directions carefully and stay away from them because you are most at risk of getting this disease. Most importantly there is a vaccine for this disease that is being distributed to all police stations and libraries in the area by the U.S. Government. Unfortunately this vaccine was designed for 18-64 year-old's, so, if you are not in that range be very cautious. Well I'm Anthony Shirazi, and This disease is on the rise. Even though it has only killed a few hundred in the world since 2003, it is still very dangerous with a mortality rate of 60%. Though the fact that it is only in pandemic stage three, which means that it can spread to humans, but cannot spread human to human very well yet, is not making it sound like a horrible disease, but, it could eventually mutate so it could spread human to human extremely well. Well, I'm Anthony Shirazi, and that was the breaking news for today. Hope you all stay safe and I'll be back here tomorrow with some more, Breaking News! It is believed to have been started when a truck carrying rare birds from India skidded on ice, and broke open, releasing its infectious cargo out into the wild, allowing them to spread this disease to other birds before they were found early Monday morning.
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