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Dr Karl Kruszelnicki

No description

annabelle lawrie

on 17 October 2012

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Transcript of Dr Karl Kruszelnicki

Dr Karl Kruszelnicki Early life
Dr Karl Kruszelnicki was born in 1948 in Helsingborg, Sweden. Both of his parents were polish but his mums background was hidden from him for a long time with his mother having told him that she was Swedish and a Lutheran but she was, in fact Jewish. Karl is an only child in the Kruszelnicki family. His parents were Holocaust survivors. Holocaust began in March 1942(6 years before Karl was born) a wave of mass murder swept across Europe. During the next 11 months 4,500,000 human beings were eliminated. Fortunately Dr Karls parents survived Holocaust.Dr Karl's home town is in Wollongong in NSW, Australia. Dr Karl's Education
He is a scientist, commentator but he is best known as an author. He does his commentating on Australian radio and T.V. He holds degrees in Mathematics, Biomedical engineering, medicine and surgery. He also has studied astrophysics, computer science, philosophy and much much more. He went to Edmund Rice college in Sydney for all of his schooling. Karl is the Julius Sumner Miller fellow in the science foundation for physics at the school of physics, University of Sydney. His enthusiasm for science is totally infectious and no one is better to convey the excitement and wonder of it all. Some of his books are:
Fidgeting fat, Exploding meat, Gobling whirly birds
Dinosaurs aren't dead, never mind the bullocks,
Here's the Science Curious and Curiouser, Science is Golden,
Please explain, it aint necessary, So bro and much much more. So far Dr Karl has written26 books. Dr Karl has three hobbies. They are Writing books, A scientist and commentating. He has a science homepage that gets about 700,000 pages downloaded each week. Dr Karl's Hobbies!!! Dates
Karl won the 2003 Australian father
of the year. In 1982 he was the elected
member of the Australian institute of
Physics. By Annabelle Lawrie & Matthew Abela Dr Karl died in Thank you for watching our Prezi
presentation on Dr Karl Kruszelnicki.
We hope you enjoyed it!!! By Matt and Annie!!! This is our Prezi Presentation
on Dr Karl Kruszelnicki.
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