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LLano Uplift

No description

McKenna Cardona

on 14 December 2012

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Transcript of LLano Uplift

Llano Uplift By: McKenna Cardona Genetic Variation How does genetic variation influence population? Ecosystem Diversity Within an eco system there are many species. Each species has its own part in the food chain. Without more than one species in the food chain, the animals would just eat each other causing population to decrease. however, if there are various types of species in an ecosystem, they will feed off of each other in order of the food chain. Population won't drastically decrease because there are more than one types of species so they have time to mate and create more organisms that keep the cycle off the food chain going. Biodiversity Biodiversity is the difference among all living things. Without Biodiversity in the Llano Uplift or in any ecosystem, the food chain would be messed up and like I said earlier the animals will eat their same species. Biodiversity can affect population because if there wasn't much biodiversity, species would begin to disappear and populations would decrease because their food source is gone. Abiotic factors Light
Biotic Factors Facts about the Llano Uplift. Rainfall: 24-32 inches per year
Soil: coarse textured sands, granite
Elevation: 825- 2,250 ft above sea level
Geography: hill-rolling landscape, large granite domes
Vegetation: oak hickory, brush savannah, grass.
The Llano Uplift Eco region has various alleles that have a lot of genetic variation. Genetic Variation is essential for natural selection to work right since natural selection can only increase or decrease frequency of the alleles already in the species or population. Animals
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