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Shadrach J. Pilip-Florea

on 29 July 2014

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Transcript of Memory

is the Residue of thought
Where are my keys?
Names and accomplishments of most British monarchs
Figure 3: Information Mr. Willingham learned but never made it to long term memory
Names of people at parties
Meaning of the term "ex parte"
Words to the second verse of the "Star-Spangled Banner"
How to transpose an array of numbers in Excel
What a philtrum is
That Stalin studied for the priesthood
Names of people at parties
What the French Method for making an amulet
Bumble Bee tuna jingle form the 1970s
What "The Nightwatch" Looks like
Figure 4: Material in Mr. Willingham's long-term memory even though he never wanted to really know it.
The 4 "C"s
Abstract Thinking is Really Hard!
Build on Prior Knowledge
Understanding is "Remembering in Disguise"
Concrete Examples
Useful Analogies
To help student comprehension, provide examples and ask students to compare them
Make your expectations for deep knowledge realistic!
Use concrete examples
Analogies that students can understand
Compare, Contrast
& practice, practice, practice!

Rote Memory vs. Critical Thinking
Why doesn't knowledge transfer?
People understand new ideas (things they don’t know)
by relating them to old ideas
(things they do know).




I = V/R
Review each lesson plan in terms of what the student is likely to think
Think Carefully about Attention Grabbers
Use Discovery Learning with Care
Design Assignments so students will unavoidably think about meaning
– “Our nobleman’s name, as our little game begins is Count Darlotsoff. He is 23 years old, quite young to be running an estate, quite young to be the father of 3 children…”

– family is brutally murdered one by one

– forced to leave Monique behind in pivotal scene

– all strong, highly developed, complex
Mr. Darcy's 4 C's
Make deep knowledge the spoken and unspoken emphasis.
Ask deep questions. Give Deep assignments
The Game: Russian Revolution
Nominal Scale
Intraval Scale
Ratio Scale
Ordinal Scale
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