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Overview of Middle East Cross Cultural 2017

No description

Lisa Schirch

on 22 August 2017

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Transcript of Overview of Middle East Cross Cultural 2017

Bethlehem Bible College
We'll study Arabic and Palestinian history, as well as the role of the media in peacebuilding and environmental issues
What will be challenging?

-Eating new foods
-Hiking 65 kilometers through desert
-Not being able to take a shower every day

-Experiencing racism
-Witnessing violence
-Listening to many different points of view
In weeks 6-7, we will live in Bethlehem!

CCSSC 201 Cross-Cultural Social Science 3 Semester Hours (SH)

CCLNG 110 Arabic and Hebrew Languages 3 SH

CCREL 302 Religion & Culture in the Middle East (CIW) 3 SH

CCHIS 303 Contemporary Issues in the Middle East 3 SH

CCPXD 301 Applied Research in Peacebuilding
3 SH

(Click here for full course descriptions: https://emu.edu/crosscultural/programs/israelpalestine-fall-2017/ )

On our 5th week, we'll travel to the north and begin a 4 day hike from Nazareth to the Sea of Galilee, where Jesus lived and worked.
This is a beautiful hike!
We'll have guest lectures and classes
And we'll live with Palestinian families...
In weeks 8-9, we will...
After our mid-term break, we will...
We'll hike all day, and rest at this remote sustainable spiritual retreat center...
The next night we'll stay at a Bedouin camp in the desert
The last day of our hike on the Abraham Path we'll end at Masada, an immense Jewish fortress from the story in the Bible
And then we will rest at a retreat center on the Dead Sea and have fun floating in the saltiest water on earth...
We'll spend the last two weeks in Jordan, beginning with a camel ride and hike with Bedouins in this remote landscape...
We'll eat amazing food, listen to stories, and sleep under the stars
We'll visit the ancient ruins at Petra in Jordan
We'll spend a week in Amman,
the capital of Jordan. We'll visit and volunteer in a Syrian refugee schools. If it is safe, we will fly to Cairo, Egypt to see the Pyramids before flying home.
Week 1

We'll start out exploring the Mediterranean Coast from Tel Aviv to Haifa, focusing on Jewish-Arab coexistence in this region
We'll stay in Akko
We'll visit the Arab Jewish Center and see how artists work for peace
We'll take cool side trips to snorkel in Eilat and hike and bike in amazing landscapes
Dr. Lisa Schirch is an internationally-recognized researcher in peacebuilding, climate change, media, feminism, and human security. She has worked in Afghanistan, Iraq, Lebanon and Jordan. She is the author of 6 books on peacebuilding. She has worked for the United Nations, many European governments, the US military and the World Bank. She has appeared on CNN, Fox News, and many radio stations as an expert about peace and security after 9/11.

Bill Goldberg is the Director of EMU's Summer Peacebuilding Institute, which brings people from over 50 countries to EMU every summer to take courses in peacebuilding. Bill is Jewish.

Miranda and Levi (ages 17 and 13) will also be on the trip.
In addition, Bill and Lisa have many friends and colleagues who are Israelis, Palestinians and Jordanians working in peacebuilding and social work. We'll also be spending time learning with them as well as many guest speakers and visits to peacebuilding and environmental projects.
Fall Break

All cross cultural groups take a 1 week break in the middle of the semester. You can travel on your own to the beach, the mountains, or even go to Egypt, Cyprus, Italy or another country. EMU gives you back $400 for your free travel.
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