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jim al-khalili


sarah n

on 19 February 2014

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Transcript of jim al-khalili

jameel sadik al-khalili was born september 20 1962 in iraq baghdad you can call him jim al-khalili 1979 he settled the United Kingdom 1982 he studied physics 1989 he mad a nuclear reaction theroy and awared postdoctrol fellowship 1991 jim al-khalili was an expert and noble author on mathimatical models of excotic atomic nuclei 2007 he was honored royal socity parady price for science communication 2008 he was appointed officer for the british empire 1986 he got a degree on science 2011 jim al-khalili gave nine lessons about his book excotic nuclei 2012 he accomplished 4 radio programs " the life scientific "in the begining of October sarah naranjo As of al-khalili has not died he did not have a wife poor guy at least he is pretty young (50) Jameel sadik al-khalili was born semptember 20 1962 he has no wife. He accomplished a nuclear reaction therory. However that is not the only thing he did he also wrote a book. He made a program "the life of a scientific" it got a lot of hits. As of he has not died, he is 50.
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