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Copy of NC Teen Living 2.02

Ways to strengthen framily life

Nicole Gwishiri

on 5 March 2014

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Transcript of Copy of NC Teen Living 2.02

Ways to Strengthen FAmily Life


to Crises
Practice Good Communication Skills
Express Feelings openly
Keep members informed of upcoming activities or important dates
Pay attention, repeat information to check for understanding
share responsibilities
Take Turns doing various chores
Show Respect
Knock on closed doors
Use Manners
Work as a team to meet total needs of the family
understand crisis affect everyone in the family
Understand when change happens conflict may occur
Death = arguments over who gets what
families merge = conflict over space and new responsibilities
Cell Phones provide immediate contact
Internet, e-mail, skype provide contact for families separated by distance
Social Service
Remember Local Resorces for Help and Use them if needed
Health Department
Support Groups
Friends and other family members
School Guidance Counslers
Divorce = child custody
Understand every family goes through crisis at sometime
Technology can cause crisis if addition is present
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