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The Similarities Between Greek, Roman, and United States Gov

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Kieran LaMee

on 16 December 2014

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Transcript of The Similarities Between Greek, Roman, and United States Gov

All voters most be at least 18 years old.
Executive branch controls army and supports laws.
The people have power.
Athens' Main Ideas
Rome's Main Ideas
Executive Branch
The United States has one elected leader.
In Rome, there are 2 consuls elected by councils.
In Athens, there was a council of 500 men.
Why were they democracies?
Characteristics in the US Government
They were great military/intellectual powers.
All these empires were/are great powers in the world because everyone in the country has the ability to rise to power. Good leaders who are poor can not be rulers in a Monarchy, so naturally in a Republic or Democracy it is more likely for people to be great leaders and make things happen in the world. Also it is easier for people to find what they want to do in the work force and can be better and more productive than a Monarchy or Oligarchy.
The End.

Why US government is similar?
The US gov. was made on same idea.
The US, Roman, and Athenian governments all wanted to be free of a king. The best way to go about doing that was to give "the people" power, with a vote. The US and Rome both used votes to elect representatives, which were more evolved forms of the direct democracy that the Athenian government used.
Similarities Between Greek, Roman, and United States Governments
Direct Democracy-
Everything voted on directly by citizens.
Executive branch was a council of 500 men.
Citizens voted for councils and representatives, not directly for laws.
2 consuls controlled executive branch.
Ruled by the people.
Like Rome, elects representatives (not a direct democracy).
Had an executive branch ruled by few people that had a specific term.
Is it a Coincidence?
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