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University of Colorado State

No description

Alyssa Stringer

on 2 October 2012

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Transcript of University of Colorado State

16,559 student enrolled and only 63 percent of students get financial aid. University of Colorado State http://www.colostate.edu/about.aspx City name: Fort Collins
City population size: 146,762
Average temperature:
winter 54
spring 74
summer 82
Fall 78 what kind:
4 year College
Public university
Degrees offered:
Bachelors, masters, and PHD.
Admission requirements:
Gpa: 3.25 or higher Undergraduates: 21,204
Graduate Student: 3,671 Academic Departments/ schools
University honors program
women's programs and studies
ascsu student government
honor societies at csu
international programs and study abroad
leadership and diversity programs
residential learning communities
rotc army/air force
service learning and volunteer programs
undergraduate research and creativity Expenses
room and board cost on campus is 9,998 and off campus is 8,900.
built in 1870
The first years the university was open was only on paper
The college was signed by Colorado territory governor edward m.mccock in 1870 Did you know?
173 international students attend Csu from 58 different countries.
The student service building is said to be haunted.every time the football team scores the cannon goes off with a boom.
Fans before kick off on the field, all of them Jingle their Keys. For more information

School web address: http://www.colostate.edu/
http://www.csusystem.edu/ Table of contents Mascot:
School colors:
dark green and yellow Financial aid admissions address: admissions@colostate.edu By: Hannah Riojas and Alyssa Stringer 1601 Campus Delviery
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