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Responsibility & Accountability for Students

No description

Katherine Hillestad

on 14 December 2015

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Transcript of Responsibility & Accountability for Students

1. Do have a positive attitude about your duties.
2. Do make every effort to do exactly what you have been instructed to do.
3. Do put your responsibilities before doing other things
4. Do your best work regardless of who you are doing it for.
5. Do take any assignment or duty you are given seriously and complete what you start.
Is it really that important?

Have you ever considered what it would be like if everyone stopped
being responsible for their actions, duties, and obligations? Would
anything be accomplished?
Strategies for Accountability!
Find an accountability buddy!
Ask someone you trust to help hold you accountable...
Take ownership of what you do.
Create a routine for yourself and write it down!
Create goals for yourself and post them or hang them somewhere you can see often.
For example:
At your age
you are not old enough to provide
your own shelter, clothing, and food.
If your parents or guardians failed to
meet their obligations to take care of
you by providing these basic
necessities, as well as an education
and love, you would certainly be
affected in a negative way.
Sadly, this is the case for many
children in our society. Because
significant people in their lives fail to be responsible, children are left
without a home and all other necessities of life.
What are some responsibilites for:
Responsibility, what's that?
Let's discuss this scenario
Responsibility and Accountability
1. How were the pilots’ actions irresponsible? ________________________________________________
2. If the pilots had not been stopped and had flown the plane, what do you think could have occurred? ________________________________________________
What happens if they are irresponsible?
1. Don’t approach your responsibilities with a negative attitude.
2. Don’t do your duties halfway.
3. Don’t procrastinate.

People who are accountable accept the consequences of their actions and learn from the choices they have made.

People who are not accountable for their actions blame others for the choices they have made and make excuses for their actions.
Think of a time you failed at something, maybe a quiz, test, sport, game, homework assignment...

A. Did you hold yourself accountable for that and learn from your failure?

B. Did you blame something or someone for your failure?

C. Did you make an excuse for why you failed to make yourself feel better?
Strive to be proud of the things you do and your accomplishments!

Be Awesome!
for students...
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