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Youth Advocacy

inter racial and religious profiling

laurent nikqi

on 3 May 2010

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Transcript of Youth Advocacy

Youth Advocacy Inter Racial And Religious Profiling A ASPIRA PRESENTATION What is youth advocacy? Laws are meant to limit the actions of the people, many times these laws are mistaken for the wrong thing and the people believe they can enforce these laws even though most laws have loopholes. This is where Youth Adocacy comes from, Youth Adocacy is when young adults stand up for their rights because they believe people enforce them for the wrong reasons. Youth Advocacy has been around ever since young adults decided to stand up for themselves.This is Youth Advocacy and without it the youth would have no voice. What Is Discrimination? Different Types Of Discrimiation Racial
National Origins Unfair treatment of a person or a group on the basis of prejudice

Let us discuss what we believe discrimination is.
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