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Why did you migrate to californa

No description

John Miller

on 18 February 2016

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Transcript of Why did you migrate to californa

Why did you migrate to C.A
wherld map.
I am from mexico jalisco in 2031 and i am 25 year old and i am going to go to see my family thats at californa my family is also from mexico but they cant go back a migrated because i miss my family.
Why did i migrate to california
I got to the californa was a plane i got a little sick because i was so starving and i know that when i get home i will eat a lot at my moms house.
What ruote did i use to get to C.A
I went to vista and i sll my family and then i went to go to them and give them all a big hug and i went there because in vista that is were i was born and that is also the home of my family lives there a i like it and i miss them mostly my mom and i love her so much i want to stay there.
where in C.A did you go and why.
I spent some time with my family then i disided to stay at C.A because i love my family that i just cant leave because i will miss them so much.
What did you do When you got here.
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