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eBay Case Study

No description

Chloe Condie

on 9 May 2013

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Transcript of eBay Case Study

Introduction CASE STUDY History Q2. What are the problems that eBay is currently facing? How is eBay trying to solve these problems? FRAUD Q1. Contrast eBay's original business
model with its latest proposed
business model Q3. Are the solutions eBay is
seeking to implement good
solutions? Why or why not? Originally called AuctionWeb
Founded on Labor Day weekend in 1995 by Pierre Omidyar in San Jose, California.
First item sold on eBay was a broken laser pointer selling for $14.83 In 1997 AuctionWeb was officially
retired and the organisation was
re-named eBay. Acquired by eBay: SELLER BUYER SOLUTIONS Seller limits on brand items
Ratings and feedback
Trust and safety programs
eBay protection
eBay Top-Rated Sellers
TO FIXED PRICE Auction vs. Fixed Price (Buy Now) INCREASING COMPETITION Amazon and other fixed price websites Solution 1: Attract Bulk Sellers
Adjust fee structure
decrease posting fees
increase commission
Adjust search ordering system
Higher rated merchant receiving highest exposure
Only larger businesses have resources to achieve Solution 2: Diversifying Portfolio Solution 2: Diversifying Portfolio Buying competition
Classifieds like Gumtree
Attempt to synergise/streamline
PayPal already prominent form of transaction before 2002 purchase
Skype was meant for form of communication between buyer and seller
Buying growing businesses to increase business growth Future Problems US Legislation and global trend to charge sales tax for online sales
eBay is fighting, but the move is inevitable
Will decrease competitive advantage over physical stores, as online purchases are preferred due to decreased cost
eBay should focus on customer service etc. Q4. Who are eBay's top 3 competitors online, and how will eBay's new strategy help it compete? Will eBay be providing a differentiated service to customers? What are YOUR guesses?? Top 3 Competitors Chantelle Chakour 41210816 - Intro
Xiaozhou Sha (Ryan) 42350662 - Q1
Deborah Jordan 42103088 - Q2
Declan Dowd 41767586 - Q3
Chloe Condie 42462924 - Q4 References utcher, D. 2010, ‘eBay US mobile commerce sales soar 146 pc on Cyber Monday’, Mobile Commerce Daily - Revenue. [ONLINE] Available at: http://www.mobilecommercedaily.com/ebay-us-mobile-commerce-sales-soar-146pc-on-cyber-monday. [Accessed 01 May 2013].B

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Who We Are - eBay Inc.. 2013. Who We Are - eBay Inc.. [ONLINE] Available at: <http://legacy.ebayinc.com/who>. [Accessed 07 May 2013]. Well... eBay's marketing strategy has created an identity crisis
online flea market or online costco?
A new focus on secondary market has attracted bulk sellers
Smaller sellers of high value or sellers goods whose intrinsic value is uncertain, are worse off
Tweaked search ordering algorithm favours powersellers
Strategy of growth through acquisitions has seen the company expand but eBay the e-commerce site still suffers Are there any
other solutions eBay
should consider? Yes! Spin off retail arm
Mobile e-commerce
Package pickup John Donahoe eBay's Business Model Original Focus mainly on auction
Advertising - incur fees on ads
Transaction revenue model
high listing fee
low sales commission Latest Proposed Focus on fixed price goods
Transaction revenue model
free listing fee
higher sales commission (9.9%)
PayPal, Gumtree
Same-day shipping Is it differentiated? As eBay moves towards fixed price listings it's becoming less differentiated
focusing on and returning to its auction format is what makes it different and may save the site in the long run no. 7 most visited site uses Google's search technology specializes in
surplus stock
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