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North Korea

No description

Jayden Grunde

on 15 May 2015

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Transcript of North Korea

War with South Korea
A very large famine
And nuclear weapons

Things like this are still happening today, making the country fall in to a bad place.
North Korea

North Korea's threats on nuclear attacks
Kim Jong-Un
The Interview
The Sony hack
North Korean
In North Korea, the punishment is very brutal.
If you commit a crime such as stealing something you will either get..... executed or sent to 1 of 5 political prison camps.
At the camps you have to do hard labor and do not get fed well.
Each prison camp holds 80,000 to 120,000 people.
There is a three generation policy
Human Rights
What motivates people to escape from North Korea?
is treated unlike any other Olympic team in the world;
punished for not doing well
rewarded after doing good
North Korea
North Korea is facing some of the worst crimes to humanity. The North Korean people are being starved and tortured by their government. There is absolutely NO freedom.
What the news is focusing on :
What should be on the news :
Refugees stories
The lack of human rights
The horrible dictatorship
The 5 political prison camps
No freedom of religion
Regime creates religious groups that people can participate in
Religions consist of Korean Shamanism and Cheondoism
Since the civil war in the 1950's North Koreans have had a food shortage.





LINK is an organization that can help with this problem. Join LINK and help bring change to North Korea.
Things LINK does :

rescues refugees
tries to make a change happen inside North Korea
changes the narrative

The famine
Mountainous landscape
The government won't help
Hope is another huge reason defectors escape
They don't know much about the outside world
Joseph Kim
North Korea has won the most medals in weight lifting

Other sports that the North Korean Olympic team has won multiple medals in are boxing, wrestling, and judo

The team has boycotted two Olympics, the first being in the summer of 1984 in Los Angeles

The other games that were boycotted by North Korea, were in the summer of 1988 in Seoul South Korea
The image of North Korea will
we will change the narrative we will make a breakthrough
"It only takes a few people to start a movement but it takes many to finish one."
In North Korea people are treated horribly.
People in prison camps are abused and tortured by guards.
Outside of the labor camps people are abused by police.

Labor Camps
If someone in North Korea commits a crime they are sent to labor camps
In these camps people are treated horribly
They are tortured, not fed well and are worked way too hard.
People have to work up to 15hrs a day.
If they have children or babies they are left home alone all day

The Team's
With the Rest of the Citizens
No freedoms
Controlled by government
The Willow Wind Rescue Team
We have started a rescue team with LINK. Our main focus is to educate people about North Korean issues, so please tell your friends and family about these issues. But if you would like to help us reach our goal of saving a North Korean we appreciate your donations.
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