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How Technology Shapes Our World

Taking a look at specific examples of technology changing the way people communicate, gather information, complete projects, market products, and more.

Destiny Harmoning

on 1 May 2011

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Transcript of How Technology Shapes Our World

Shapes Our World Communication Revolution Production Recreation Promotion Education Blogs Twitter Anyone can be a publisher
New ways to get information out
Real-time coverage of events, disasters, conferences, etc.
New avenues for creativity & Mobile Blogging Language Change With the advancement of technology, we now readily blog on the go. This lead to the development of Micro Blogging sites such as Twitter.

There are some concerns with Mobile Blogging, such as the immediate accessibility. It is easy for users to post quickly without thinking about what they are actually saying in their posts. This can lead to a lot of angry comments. Also, there is an issue of social ettiquette. Technology such as text messaging has lead to a language change. This has caused social controversy, with some people concerned about whether the young generations will be able to correctly use spelling and grammer.

The use of acronyms such as OMG and LOL have become so common place, people actually say them outloud now instead of just through text. Privacy Issues With the onslaught of information accessible on the internet comes an issue of privacy. What is safe to put out there and what isn't?

Employers stalk Facebook before hiring and you can find out information about someone with a simple Google search. Try Googling yourself and see what shows up. Wikis Easy and quick sharing of information
Colloboration of combined knowledge Wikipedia Wikimedia Commons Weblogs and Wikis The Manifesto of Social Media Privacy: Flash Mobs Flickr New forms of entertainment
Turning hobbies social
Sharing experiences Produsage Crowdsourcing Allow multiple users to work on one project with the idea that two heads are better than one and one hundred heads are better than two....
Projects can take on new life, which isn't always a good thing. Production is no longer led by companies, instead users become the producers, or "produsers"
Products are always being perfected, in a continuous state of reworking
Certain people's works to rise to the top, and others to fall away QR Codes Social Media Marketing New marketing tools and techniques
Engaging customers in new ways
Unable to tell direct increase in profitability, but definite increase in awareness
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