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Sweden-Brazil Challenge - São Paulo, SP - 18/abr/2013

Official presentation

Guilherme Rosso

on 17 April 2013

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Transcript of Sweden-Brazil Challenge - São Paulo, SP - 18/abr/2013

Innovative Innate in Society Cultivated Disseminated INNOVATION Who am I? Guilherme de Rosso Manços 19 years old Born in Boa Vista, RR Bachelors of Sciences & Technology Physicist and Entrepreneur Creative people Mix of cultures Open environment Young people to innovate to develop our nation "to entrepreneur" POTENTIAL Open Innovation Knowledge-fuelled
growth Workforce Brain Prospective Capacity Innovate Prosper Developed country I believe Charlotte Brogren's statement is the MOST ESSENTIAL SWEDISH INNOVATION! Her proposition is a WORLDVIEW and a PROCESS that is ENGRAINED in SWEDISH CULTURE! Alberto Santos Dummont Juscelino Kubitschek Visconde de Mauá Anders Celsius Johan Petter Johansson Alfred Bernhard Nobel ...have made LIFE BETTER for CITIZENS of the WORLD. It has been IMPROVING MY LIFE because... INSTILL the CULTURE of INNOVATION in BRAZIL! IMPROVE LIVES: Primary School children
Science & Technology students like myself
Company owners Industrial methods
Decision-making processes PEOPLE THINGS In short, there is no person in BRAZILIAN SOCIETY who would not be HELPED by making the SWEDISH VALUES of INNOVATION an important PRIORITY! THANK YOU :) Guilherme Rosso - São Paulo, SP, Brasil - 18/abr/2013
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