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Plant Cell in Real Life

No description

Kailey Drennon

on 24 October 2012

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Transcript of Plant Cell in Real Life

Plant Cell Cell Wall The cell wall in relation to to an amusement park, can be compared to the "wall" that separates the fun and fantasy of the park from to real world. Cell Wall Cell Wall Cell Wall Cell Membrane The cell membrane is the part of a plant cells that "checks out" what is coming in. If a bad cell that would harm the overall plant or plant cell, it rejects it.
The cell membrane would be the requirements for you to ride a ride in an amusement. Such as being a certain height or weight. Cell Membrane Cytoplasm The cytoplasm is the area where all the organelles are located.
This can be compared to the grounds where the rides are located. Like how the rides are on a path through out the park. Cytoplasm Nucleus The nucleus is the control center for the atom. That would then be like the head quarters in the park. Nucleus Vacuole The vacuole can be compared to the clean up crew because they both help maintain the shape. Vacuole Mitochondria The mitochondria can be compared to the power source of the park because they both produce the energy of power needed. mitochondria ER The ER can be compared to a transportation system within the park like a monorail because both the smooth and rough ER transport material through out the cell. Smooth and rough ER Golgi Complex The golgi complex is in charge of separating and packaging substances in the cell. This is similar to the workers at the gift shop who package up gifts purchased. Golgi Complex Chloroplast The workers of the amusement park give the park energy to keep it going. That is the same with the chloroplast. They give the cell energy to keep going. Chloroplast Centrosome The centrosome separates the cell during mitosis. This can be related to how a gate separates a moving ride from the line and other spectators. Centrosomes Nuclear Membrane The nuclear membrane acts like a gate to the nucleus, therefor it is closely related to the gate that separates the 'employes only' part like the headquarters, from the rest of the park. Nuclear Membrane Nucleolus The nucleolus is located inside of the nucleus. It produces ATP, which is similar to how the main headquarters of the amusement park, produces more parks. Nucleolus Ribosomes Ribosomes included the instructions to build proteins. This is like the instructions on how to operate a ride because the ride needs 'proteins' or acceleration to operate and the instructions included how to do that just like ribosomes included how to build a protein for the cell. Ribosomes Cytoplasm Sources: www.enchantedlearning.com
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