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Alternative Rock

No description

Maggen Louisius

on 5 January 2014

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Transcript of Alternative Rock

Alternative Rock
All of the bands in this genre use live instruments to develop the raw sound Alternative Rock has. Typically in a band there would be a : Lead Singer(s), Lead Guitarist, Rhythm Guitarist, Bassist, Drummer and, or Pianist.
Modern Alternative Rock
Today, there are many different sub-genres of Alternative Rock music. New sub-branches are always being discovered. Though some bands/musicians that were once considered underground are now successful because of the growth of technology and the changing music industry. The difference between past and present is the influence of modern technology. It is easy for independent artists to have their own home studios.
"The major players in the music industry did us all a favor by pulling back from the artist development phase of their business. It has allowed indie music to flourish, and I believe it will continue to flourish and only get better as time goes on." -Bohdan Recko
The common use of Internet radio has led to high album sales, despite little radio play for Alternative rock bands. Back in the 80's, the "Internet" wasn't as complete and common as it is today so there was no way of finding Alternative Rock bands on the "Internet".
What is Alternative Rock?
Alternative Rock is a genre of music that was includes a broad-range of styles that come from the Punk and Post-Punk Scenes which came from the U.S and U.K. Alternative is very similar to one of its sub-genres, Indie Rock. During this presentation, we will compare Alternative Rock from then to now.
Imagine Dragons is an American Alternative Rock band that was formed in 2008. They gained exposure when their hit single "Radioactive" reached #2 on the Billboard Music Chart. It has 4 current members in the band. They named their band Imagine Dragons because the meaning of their songs are up to the listener's imagination.
Alternative music started in the 1980's and became popular in the 1990's. The term alternative was used to describe pop punk bands on independent labels and that didn't fit into the genres of their time. Alternative rock has many sub-genres such as, Grunge, Brit pop, Goth rock, Indie Rock and Indie pop.Though the genre is considered to be rock some of its influences have been folk music, reggae, electronic, jazz and many others. Alternative music is an umbrella term for underground music which came from the punk rock movement during the mid 1980's. Underground music means music that isn't popular or mainstream. Throughout most of Alternative Rock's history, it's been defined as "the rejection of mainstream music". The bands involved in this genre often played in small clubs, had indie or independent labels, and spread their popularity by face-to-face communication. In the 1980s, MTV had a late night television program for Alternative Rock called "120 minutes." Even though Alternative musicians of the 1980s never had amazing record success, they had left a roadway for those who grew up in the 80s. Some bands made it into the mainstream. For example, Nirvana's album Nevermind helped them to go mainstream thus making them one of the bands/musicians who took Alternative into the mainstream. Due to these popular Alternative Rock bands , Alternative rock became the most popular form of rock in that decade. However, some bands/musicians stayed in the underground movement. Sadly, Alternative Rock died out in the mainstream because most of the key musicians/bands broke up or retreated to the underground movement. By the beginning of the 21 century, Alternative rock became diverse to what it is today and is beginning to enter the mainstream once again.
Instruments that can be found
in Alternative rock:
-electric guitar
Nirvana is an American Alternative Rock band that was formed in 1987 and ended in 1994. They originated from Washington State. There were 3 members in Nirvana.Nirvana gained exposure when they released their album "Nevermind." The name Nirvana is from the religion Buddism. Nirvana means heaven.
Comparing and contrasting
-The lyrics are supposed to be contradictory and confusing, with one line denying the next:
"As a friend, as an old enemy"
"Take your time, hurry up"
"Nothing left to say"
"Come as you are"
-I think this song is about life and how things aren't always perfect:
"My age has never made me wise." That line is speaking about faults and accepting them.
-The song meaning is to be yourself and you won't be judged by people.
Years Active: 2008- present
Origin: Nevada, United States
36'' gong, viola and acoustic vocals
Time Length:
Instruments: guitar, drums, bass, vocals
Time Length: 3:38
Both bands gained exposure after a release of an album.
Lyrics talk about life. "Come as you are" is saying to be yourself while "Nothing left to say" means to accept your faults. Both topics are common in life.
The Smiths
Manchester, England
Active Music Years:
The group's cover artwork usually featured films and or pop stars. The words on the digipak were the band name. The Smiths were never on their own album together in any UK releases. Only one member appeared on the UK release.
London, United Kingdom
Active Years:
2010- present
For their albums they have a style that uses a vintage movie poster effect. .Unlike other indie and alternative artists who use images that have nothing to do with the video, Bastille have chosen to take stills of their videos. The image is a screen shot from their video for the song which is what they have done for all the other covers.
Music Videos
In most of the Alternative Rock music videos, the artists are wearing stereotypical clothes. For example, leather jackets, checked shirts and ripped jeans. Props are used to portray the "Rock" part by showing their rebellious side. Some videos use the black and white effect to show the style and genre of the music with a vintage tone. All of these reflect Alternative Rock's discovery in the 1980s. Alternative Rock music videos may be live performances where the band can be seen together playing the instruments, close- ups and an abstract narrative. Three most common aspects with all Alternative Rock bands are specific lighting, vintage feel and slow motion.
Lightning for Alternative rock videos is vital in order to achieve that vintage feeling.
Vintage Feel
Bands appeal to the audience in their video by wearing vintage clothes and or having vintage items.
Slow Motion
Slow motion is used to suit the nature of the song.
Comparing and Contrasting
Smells like a Teen Spirit
Summertime Sadness
Slow Motion-
the lighting comes from the top and sometimes the left
Slow motion-
When ever the song slows down so does the video.
- the sepia effect gives it the vintage look
by Nirvana
by Lana Del Ray
Slow Motion-
Use of natural light
Slow Motion-
Slow throughout video
The video isn't as polished and complex. It looks as if it was captured with a regular camera. She is wearing a vintage dress.
Slow motion
Alternative Fashion
Males within the alternative rock genre dress differently from others. You can say they dress independently or indie. Its basically mixing smart style with casual. For example, a tweed jacket with a pair of jeans. This is a similarity between the ages of Indie Rock. The style is close to rock but it has a much softer approach using light colours and less black.
Female clothing is similar to the male. Typical Alternative Rock female wears skinny jeans, an oversized T-shirt, denim or leather jacket, leather boots and sunglasses. This style for the female is also similar to the 1980s Alternative rock feminine style. Both still have an edgy side to their style.
Bohdan Reeko
Thank You!
Maggen L.
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