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iPad features

Learn about iPad and it's features

Bardia kian

on 23 January 2013

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Transcript of iPad features

Apps App Store is an 'icon' or app that you can purchase thousands of different apps from it. In the App store you can find apps for every different topics; for example education, health, sports, games, business and news. Some of the apps are free and some are not. for those that are not free you don't necessarily need to have a credit card in order to purchase, all you have to do is to buy an iTunes card from a store and you can buy everything you want from the App Store. Apple has some amazing apps such as Pages which is like the Word software, Numbers which is like the Excel, and Garageband that you can play your favorite music instrument. They were some of the additional apps that you could buy from the App Store that there is no time for explaining them so I will just talk about basics. The new iPad has a great display and in order for the photo to be displayed well, it has to be taken well from a camera that can take high resolution photos as well. Tat's why the camera in the new iPad has five-elements lens that lets the camera take/capture light efficiently to produce a sharper and brighter image on the screen. The hybrid infrared filter keeps out the harmful IR light to make the taken picture more accurate and uniformed.
You also can take picture of yourself with the front camera instead of trying to take it in front of the mirror. The other usage of the front camera is when you are talking with your friends and family on the internet, they can see your face as well by using some programs such as Face Time, Skype or ooVoo. Siri is a program that has just been designed for the new
iPads and iPhone and it allows you to ask whatever you want from your iPad and it would actually do it. For example, if you want to find out about Steve Jobs you will ask ''who is Steve Jobs'' and Siri will answer you by telling you itself or showing you the information about him, if Siri doesn't have the information it will ask you if you want it to be searched on google. Siri has other features as well; for example if you want it to remind you about any event that is happening or if you have a test in few months and you want to know one month before you just tell the Siri to remind you at the time that you want to be reminded. The only problem with the Siri is that you need to speak with a good accent in order for the Siri to completely understand what you are asking but every time that a new device comes out it has been improved about the languages and accents. To carry your favorite books with you all the time you will eventually get tired and the big books take a lot of space as well so carrying the books is a problem. Apple
has thought about that as well and the solution is the iBooks which is basically a library that you can put more
than hundreds of different books from 100 pages to 1000 pages and you are just carrying a weight of 600 pounds and you are not reading a normal book; it is a smart book which has 3D images, search engine which you can find a word or a page or a sentence that you are looking for in it and when you are reading it you like to read because it is creative and convinces you to read it, play with it, and simply enjoy. You can even create your own book and publish it so people can purchase it for free or even pay for it. You can be a reader or a writer. One of the most important things about the iPad is the screen display and speed of it. That is what the engineers have changed by putting over 3 million pixels in the new iPad which makes the display four times better. With the A6X chip instead of A5X chip, iPad is now twice faster than the previous generations of itself which is incredible. The other awesome ability that they have put in the iPad 3 is the application called Siri which lets you to simply talk to your iPad and search on the internet, device or even ask some questions and requests. But they were just few differences between the new iPad and iPad 2; there are a lot of amazing features that iPad provides and this presentation regards to that. iPad is a device that can be used as a laptop but in a smaller shape, easier to use, able to be carried with you any place so easily, and faster in action. They are some of the reasons which make iPad a very useful device for education, business or even games and fun activities. in this presentation you are going to learn more about iPad. The new iPad What Is iPad Siri Camera iBooks Books have been human's studying "device" for thousands of years in many different ways. It started by writing on rocks, scratching with another sharp rock to make it stay for a long time and has been carried until now it has got to a point that you can write jut buy touching the surface of a device like an iPad. This world is a world of technology which has advantages and disadvantages. iPads, E-books are technology devices as well and they have good things and bad things. The good thing about reading book on iPad is you can play with it; for example, if you don't know the meaning of a word or you don't know about a character or name of a place you just highlight the word and search it on iPad's dictionary or if you want to read the book from where you left off you don't need to put anything between the pages to remember where you left off. There are many advantages in reading books on iPad but if you read books on iPad continuously you are hurting your eyes and making your
brain which are irreparable. in one sentence: Use electronics wisely. Is iPad good for reading books IPAD FEATURES iSight
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