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nickole soenen

on 19 November 2014

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Stalin rejected liberal principals way more than Hitler this is proven by the 3 principles Stalin rejected to the 2 Hitler rejected.
Rights and Freedoms
Private Property
Rule of law
Hitler didn't reject Germans having private property but the Jewish were not allowed to have property. Stalin's Soviet Union on the other hand had a collective society. Land was taken away from private owners and combined with large collectively worked Kolkhozes. Agriculture, land and industry were collectively owned by the proletariat and centrally planned and managed by the proletariat.

Stalin rejected Private property more since he brought in collectivization and made it so property was owned by the state.
Hitler and Stalin both enforced strict laws. Hitlers laws however discriminated against minority groups like the jews and disabled but gave Germans a scene of security with the strict enforcement of the law. Stalin on the other hand enforced laws that allowed total government control. Some laws that were passed only applied to a certain amount of people. Stalin's word was considered law in this Stalin had power of life and death.

Looking at comparing the two Stalin used the rule of law as a control over people. Stalin had the power of life and death and could use it how ever he chose. He even did show trials to show what would happen to those who went again him. Hitler rejected the rule of law in that Hitler discriminated against the groups he felt were inferior and eliminated them just because they were not the perfect specimen. Therefore it is clear that Hitler rejected the rule of law more because no trial was needed to execute anyone.

Monday, February 17, 2014
Vol XCIII, No. 311
The Comparison of Liberal Rejection
Principles of Liberalism
Self Interest and Competition
Liberalism consists of the following principles
Rule of Law
: A key principle in liberal democracies that states every individual is equal before the law and all citizens are subject to the law.
Rights and Freedoms
:The state of being free or at liberty rather than in confinement or under physical restraint.
Private Property
: Land or belongings owned by a person or group and kept for their exclusive use.
: The act or an instance of competing or contending with others (for example, for supremacy, a position, or prize). Competition is seen as an incentive for individuals and groups to work harder and more effectively.
Self Interest
: Ones personal interest or advantage.
Economic Freedom
:The freedom to buy what you want and to sell your labor, idea, or product to whomever you wish.
Stalin and Hitler rejected Liberalism, with some similarities and some differences. Both regimes had different points of view as to what should be accepted and what should be discarded. Stalin was communist who saw value in economic, social, and political gain. Hitler was more focused on glorified Germany with economy, military, and expansion to make Germany the powerful nation it once was.

Hitler rejected political competition because this interfered with the possibility of Hitler and the Nazi party falling out of power. Hitler encouraged competition between business and people because the more you participated in society the more your position in society was valued and the more likely you were to get a reward. Self interest for the German people was focused on being the best German citizen, for men, fighting for Hitler in the military, and making Germany strong again. For Stalin political competition was eliminated and seeing as the Soviet Union was collective competition wasn't really there. The self interests for Germany were similar for Russia in the scene Stalin wanted to improve military and industrialize Russia.

Stalin rejected competition more because there wasn't room for any and he eliminated political competition. As for self interest it wasn't really rejected by either regime.
Hitler saw that rights and freedoms should only be given to those who were high ranking in society and who were "pure" German. Hitlers Nazi Germany was to be strong and pure. He agreed with the idea Darwinism in it is "survival of the fittest". Stalin sought equality for the Soviet Union. He collectivized society so no one was more powerful than the other. The rights and freedoms In Nazi Germany were given up by the German people ,only by a little, to help benefit the state to make Germany better. The ones who really suffered were the Jews who had all their rights and freedoms taken away. Other minority groups Hitler discriminated against also lost rights and were imprisoned, sent to camps, and later executed. Stalin gave rights and freedoms to the working class and people who were higher up in society like party members. Some of these freedoms included: the freedom to vote, free elections and secret ballet, freedom of speech and press, and employment for all. Others who were not so high up in the ranks were not allowed to participate.

Hitler and Stalin both rejected certain rights and freedoms. Stalin gave rights and freedoms only to those who were apart of the working class or were high ranking people. Hitler however rejected rights and freedoms more because he took away not only the rights and freedoms of Jews but other minority groups lost their rights as well because they were inferior.
Economic Freedom
Stalin's focus for Russia was to catch up on industrialization, as Russia was far behind by 20 years, and to improve the military. Hitlers focus was to make Germany glorious again by getting Germany out of the depression and away from the punishments from the Treaty of Versailles. Hitler helped put the Economy back together by having projects to work on and creating jobs. Hitler also re-armed the military which also created more jobs.

Stalin rejected economic freedom more because he made industry collectively owned. This then took away people starting up private businesses and selling products of their choice.
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