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Heba Katoon

on 12 January 2015

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Transcript of Researching

Researching A Story
2nd Lecture
One of the most important skills to develop as a journalist is to know the most sufficient way to research a news story
What Are News Sources?
They are prepared by professional public relations officers with an understanding of the needs of the media
Larger organisations go so far to provide recorded items in the form of video and audio news releases
Provide useful contact names
Newsroom Diaries
It's a key tool! consists of events, press conferences, reminders, contacts
Fire service, police, and ambulance, all provide info about incidents

Some have their own press office

May save your time
Local Governments
Develop some credibility with politicians and officials.
Politicians at all levels are usually more than willing to speak, this keeps them in the 'public eye'.
Trade Organisations
These organisations may offer updates on the state of the industry from surveys they carry out
Useful when a comment is needed in the light of any changes
Not very fertile news source though!
Internet Research
Technological developments amazingly reduced the time it takes to research a story
Specialised databases for news!
verifies web info
how to trace sources online
job vacancies in press
Media Directories
Include most media sectors, magazines, ads, TV programs etc.
Contacts book
Nothing's more valuable than an up-to-date contacts book! It's a journalist's most prized possession
Face to Face
Well, it isn't an easy job!
Is it a STORY?
Who do I need to talk to?
Be realistic about your deadlines
Make sure you communicate clearly with your editor
Be honest
always find another way round
Go and knock on the door
listen carefully
That's it :)
The mass media is stunningly successful in telling us what to think about
(Shaw 1972)
The media's coverage of a story..
The extent to which the audience believes it's important
Does the media agenda set the public agenda or vise versa???
Pressure Groups
What do you think?Is that true?
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