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Osmocote Vs. Compost Tea

No description

Willow Tous

on 3 June 2015

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Transcript of Osmocote Vs. Compost Tea

Osmocote Vs. Compost Tea
My Experiment
I wanted to know what would help plants grow better osmocote or compost tea. So I planted 8 plants with osmocote, 8 plants with compost tea, and 8 plants with nothing.
All of the seeds with osmocote sprouted.
6 of the plants with compost tea sprouted.
6 of the plants with nothing sprouted.
What i learned
I learned that osmocote helps plants grow better. I also learned that I don't like gardening that much.
My hypothesis was not correct. Osmocote helped the flowers grow more than the compost tea. Some similarities were that all of the 20 plants that sprouted had holes in the leaves. Problems that may have affected the results were that the plants may have not been watered the same amount, the weather may have affected the growth.

They are supposed to look like this when they bloom but they haven't bloomed yet.
Compost tea
Compost tea
First time
Second time
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