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Cannabis Prezi

Year 9 PDHPE

Louisa Bailey

on 12 October 2012

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Transcript of Cannabis Prezi

marijuana, dope, pot, grass, hash, ganja, hashish, hemp, herb, skunk, smoke, spliff, weed, joint Cannabis information about cannabis so you can make informed decisions
knowing the effects of cannabis
identifying influences on cannabis use
getting help if you need it These lessons can help you with... What's
A 'mood altering' drug that slows down messages to and from the brain

Classification: Depressant How is cannabis taken? laughter and talkativeness Immediate effects how much you have used,
how strong it is,
how you took it,
your body size and health,
your mood before taking the drug, and
whether you have taken any other drugs (including alcohol). Each person is has different experiences and reactions depending on... It's also in your exam AKA... 3 Forms:
Hash or Hashish oil Smoked combined with tobacco and rolled into a joint or spliff
through a pipe or 'bong' Eaten made into tea or mixed into food like cakes and cookies feeling of well-being changed perceptions of colours, sound and other sensations poor concentration, problem-solving ability and short-term memory slower reaction times changes in heart rate and blood pressure bloodshot eyes altered perception of time nausea Long term effects a higher risk of lung cancer and other respiratory
illnesses from smoking
low energy and poor motivation, which can affect
your achievement at study or work
poor memory, concentration and ability to learn
reduced fertility in both men and women
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