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Pine martens on the march - Cumbernauld

A short story of pine martens in Cumbernauld.

Tracy Lambert

on 23 May 2014

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Transcript of Pine martens on the march - Cumbernauld

The journey of pine martens in Cumbernauld
Pine martens on the march
Pine marten (Martes martes)
The pine marten is of the mustelid family, related to badgers, otters and weasels. A shy creature historically persecuted to the brink of extinction, only a small number remained in the North of Scotland.

A recent survey commissioned by SNH and the Vincent Wildlife Trust have found evidence of pine marten on Scottish Wildlife Trust land in Cumbernauld
Following on from the scat survey commissioned by SNH and the Vincent wildlife Trust, an application was placed with Peoples Postcode Lottery for the funding of a trail camera.

Funding was successful and the Scottish Wildlife Trust team in Cumbernauld were eager to capture images of the pine marten a robust high quality camera with accessories was ordered. It was then a matter of waiting..........
Peoples Postcode Lottery Grant
To be able to capture images of wildlife you must think about:

The type of habitat that they live in
Plentiful food source
Old dead standing wood or empty burrows for nesting
Nearby clean water source

From the technical aspect:
Direction of Sun to reduce glare
Wind direction for positioning of bait - will the animal smell if from afar?
Safe access for you
Security to prevent theft or willful damage
Handy Tips on
Setting the Camera
After three months of baiting the area with food and viewing thousands of images, we were ecstatic to finally see our first fuzzy image of the pine marten in Cumbernauld
First Image
Confirmation of species from The Vincent Trust and Speyside Wildlife
The Cumbernauld Living Landscape initiative has a special place in it heart for the pine marten and you can follow further findings about this iconic Scottish species on the CLL Facebook page

We are continuing to monitor the cameras in the hope of identifying individuals from their distinctive creamy yellow bibs from this we may be able to discover if there is a viable population to continue the story.

Looking to the future
Nature at its best!
It has been almost a year now since we started this project and as you can guess the pine marten has been quite elusive, but then that is the very nature of nature. While we have collected a number of images of the marten we are still waiting for the 'perfect shot'.

However... the number of species we have had visiting the sites has been quite amazing considering the camera only covers about 3x3m. To date we have had: roe deer, foxes, grey squirrels, mice, bats and moths, buzzards, owls, badgers, woodcock, jays, woodpecker, a variety of garden birds and of course the wonderful pine marten

We have seen seasons come and go and even had 'Take a Guess It's Friday quizzes with our followers on Facebook to discover the animal in the picture. It has been a fantastic journey discovering the best Cumbernauld has to offer and the best part is that it gets to continue.
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