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Differentiated Instruction for the

No description

Harriet Mendlowitz

on 18 April 2016

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Transcript of Differentiated Instruction for the

Differentiated Instruction for the
Initiated, Confused, Frustrated and Overwhelmed
Differentiating at the Secondary Level (2 videos):
1. First Steps for Differentiating at The High School Level
"Suggestions for first steps in differentiating instruction in a high school class, including a quick way to assess student learning and how to determine when it makes sense to differentiate."
2. Tips for designing tasks that challenge students at different readiness levels and scaffolding for HS students
"Ideas for designing tasks that challenge students at various readiness levels and for scaffolding learning for high school students."

What Do You Think?
Should We . . .

Create multiple assignments or multiple pathways?
Differentiate by learning style or need?
Differentiate by achievement or learning levels?
Differentiate up or down?
Some Fun DI Resources
Cellular Respiration Overview
A Tale of Two Cities
Differentiated Instruction:
Lesson Plan Checklist
Genetics: Binomial Expansion
Ms. Davis & P's Global Studies 9
Student Rap Presentation

4 Quadrant
Political Spectrum
Social Studies
John Green's Crash Course:
The Constitution, the Articles, and Federalism
Tom Lehrer's "Elements" Song
Athletics Engineered:
How a Curveball Curves
Foreign Languages
Introducing Iambic Pentameter -
Royal Shakespeare Company
(Kinesthetic Approach)
Learn How To Say
The Letters & Sounds in Spanish
French Accents: Part I
A Few Spelling Rules in French
Learning The Imperfect: Lady Gaga Style
Medieval Lives: The Peasant(episode 1 of 8)
Seen through the wild & wacky lens
of Monty Python's Terry Jones
Podcast celebrating 200th anniversary
of Frankenstein's publication
Podcast that covers a lot of territory
Students can learn about song components, various styles, and writing. They can actually compose their own music. Videos discuss different types of instruments, musical genres, music history, and musician interviews.
Interactive tool that allows you to explore visual elements and principles like line, color, balance, negative space, patterns, etc. Includes a great encyclopedia.
The Artist's Toolkit:
Visual Elements & Principles
How To Create A Zoetrope
Art & Music
Learn to play guitar, piano, bass and ukulele.
Mathematical Imagery (from AMS)
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