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Taken a gap year

No description

Bohdan Denisyuk

on 20 October 2013

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Transcript of Taken a gap year

What is 'Gap year'?
Advantages of taking gap year
Great experience of working in team
You become more communicative and self confident
Learn about the world
After gap year you come back with a real sense of achievement and a new perspective of life
Attitude to taking a gap year
Gap year isn`t very popular in Ukraine nowdays. Some do not even know about the existence of gap year. is a big problem because in gap year you can gain an experience which you will need in adult life. maybe you will make it easier to find a job in the future. many Ukrainian did not see fit to take gap year thinking that it's only loss of the year. but this year will more about yourself. possible in the near future Ukrainian teenagers as both U.S. will take gap year.
a gap

A gap year is a period of time when students take a break from formal education to travel, volunteer, study, intern, work, perform research or any combination of these activities.

A gap year can also be called an interim year, deferring college, an overseas experience or taking time out.

Reasons for you to go for a gap year
Learn About Yourself
For students who grew up in a structured environment with clearly defined social, athletic and academic goals, gap years offer valuable personal freedom.
Young people are able to figure out who they are and what inspires them. During the gap year, they begin to emerge as self-actualized adults.

Have Fun
You only live once. A gap year bursting with travel, adventure, exploration and self-discovery can be a life-changing and intensely memorable experience.
Earn money
There is great opportunity to go abroad or find job in Ukraine and earn money for studying or your own reasons.

Learn A Foreign Language
Proficiency in a foreign language is an invaluable skill for young people in today’s interconnected world.

Disadvantages of taking gap year
You can chose bad location for your gap year. As a result, you won`t get useful skills and experience.
According tо the research of the Department for Education and Skills, too many students fail to plan properly and do not take advantage of the opportunities on offer.
Recommendation on what actions should be taken in Ukraine
As a volunteer you can try your hand at various professions, and determine which suits you the most.
You can compare work abroad and in Ukraine
You can take part in an adventure project, like some expedition to some remote corner of the earth or work on a conversation.

To sum up, gap year is great chance to get valuable experience before studying at university. The main is plan your gap year properly and use your time rationally
What is 'gap year'?
Attitude to taking gap year
Reasons to go for a gap year
Recommendation on what actions should be taken
Thank you for attention!
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