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Canada's History from 1750-1850

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Selena Scheller

on 29 May 2015

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Transcript of Canada's History from 1750-1850

-1754-1763 between Britain and France (The French/Indian war was in the states at the same time and shortly before)
-the first global war
-British colonel, George Washington, sent over in 1754
-The French fortified Louisbourg, but the British took over other fort and forced the Acadians out
-Montcalm came to Canada in 1756 and Britain declared war formally.
-The French were tiring and they lost control of their place in North America.
-The Battle of the Plains of Abraham claimed the lived of Wolfe and Montcalm
-Quebec and Montreal fell to the British and became their province
The Seven Years War
Results from the War (Royal Proclamation, Quebec Act)
The American Revolution
Results of the Revolution
The Irish in Canada
Canada's History from 1750-1850
The Seven Years War
The Royal Proclamation Act (1763) protected the Aboriginal natives and French living in Canada from the British. All land deals with natives had to be done by representatives of the British Crown in public then recorded in written treaties. The British were able to purchase Aboriginal hunting/fishing land but the Aboriginals had to right to use it still. The natives found land ownership a difficult concept since the land is was seen as a gift.
Results of the War
-spurred the 13 colonies to discontent regarding taxes, representation in government and limited growth
-lasted from 1775-1783
-The British were defeated in 1781
More than 80,000 Loyalists migrated to Canada.
The American Revolution
The Constitutional Act of 1791 resulted in the division of upper and lower Canada from the area of Quebec on December 26. Upper Canada was under British rule and the Lower followed more the French way of life, including the seigneurial system. Neither side loved the act but they preferred it over the Quebec Act. This was one of the first steps towards Canadian Confederation.

Results of the American Revolution
The War of 1812
From 1750 to 1850

The Treaty of Paris (1763) concluded the war, saying that Britain obtained land, the French retained fishing rights, and the French Canadians still living in Canada were guaranteed religious freedom.
The Quebec Act (1774) was an extension of the Royal Proclamation. The goal for the British was to keep the French Canadians neutral in the future and the Aboriginals as allies. It allowed religious freedom/political freedom for the Roman Catholics and enlarged Quebec's territory. The legal system also included the French Criminal Law, retained the seigneurial system, Habeus Corpus and had freehold land tenure for the British immigrants to Quebec. upsetting the people in the Thirteen Colonies. This led to the American Revolution.
-Canadians (including natives) fought with the British against the United States.
-Restricted trade and abducted men upset the US.
-Treaty of Ghent signed on Dec.24, 1814
-War ended on February 17, 1815

The Irish in Canada
The history of the Irish is long and rich. Many of them immigrated to Canada between 1825 and 1845, with 60% of all immigrants being Irish (about 624,000). They typically resided in the Maritimes and Upper Canada (Ontario) and came because of inexpensive tickets compared to the US, Australia and New Zealand. Life was also difficult for the Irish people. During the famine in Ireland from 1846-1850's, tens of thousands of Irish settled in Canada also.
The war lasted from 1775-1783 with the colonists against the British since they were being taxed and over-governed. They were very upset at the lifestyle of the French Canadians in Canada who had 'lost' the wars.
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