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The Troubles

The troubles of Northern Ireland form 1969 to present.

stefanie blanchette

on 14 February 2011

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Transcript of The Troubles

The Troubles The Conflict English
Protestant Irish
Catholic VS 1969 1972 1984 1993 1996 1998 2011 3 senarios:
1- united Ireland
2- confederation of N. Ireland and the Republic
3- joint authority A: "No, no, no. Unionist view: betrayal
"Ulster say No." 300 murders "Starve them of publicity." Terorist groups: No voice. Ceasefire = voice decomisioning of weapons Ceasefire over Bomb Mainland = loyalist rioting and road blocks More ceasefire NEW ceasefire Expelled
-3 weeks "The parties have come to an agreement," after 29 years. Majority: Yes,
71% and 95%
however opposed -> terrorists
forcing them to work together Continuing violence Inperfect relationship with long history(400yrs) No guarantee 1921 Good Friday agreement Terrorist group: political representatives -> Negoltiate Orange Order Apprentice Boy 1921
Government of Ireland Act.
Formation of Northern Ireland.
6 out of 9 counties of the northern province Ulster. 1967
Northern Ireland Civil Rights Association
one man, one vote
an end to gerrymandering
an end to discrimination in housing
an end to discrimination in jobs
the disbandment of the B-Specials
The Battle of the Bogside
Brittish army enters
Brittish government orders Stormont to
establish better community relations
introduce 'one man one vote'
disband the B-specials
disarm and restructure the RUC
IRA splits
official IRA
provisional IRA
Introduction of internment
342 people detained, 10 people killed
Bloody Sunday
14 killed at a rally against
Internment 1972
Stormont is disbanded
NI controlled directly by London

First IRA ceasefire
Negotiations with London, demands
Bloody Friday, 26 no-warning
carbombs, 11 dead. Free derry falls 1973
Sunningdale Agreement
Nationalist under-representation
Unionists outrage

Anti-Sunningdale Vanguard
Unionist Progressive Party formed 1976
“Special Status” abbolished
Hunger strikes, 9 die
Ulster Workers’ Council’s
General Workers’ Strike
Executive disbanded 1973
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