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The Cloud

861 Final

Peter Luciano

on 27 April 2010

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Transcript of The Cloud

The files are IN THE COMPUTER?!?
...and in Italian.... Should I be scared? What is "The Cloud"? Simply put, cloud computing is a set of pooled computing resources delivered over the Internet. The Cloud delivers a hosting environment that doesn't limit an application to a specific set of resources. Depending on the platform, an application can scale dynamically and increase its share of resources on-the-fly. The Cloud...
The ubiquitous blob of interconnected computer stuff is today's "Black Box" of technology. But other than a clip art cumulus used again this month to shorthand an OS update... It is not new... No, in this case, the files are not in the computer... ...you can't be too sure what's in there. And of course a few "loss of control" issues. Some or all that stuff is "in the Cloud" But the advantage is efficient use of cash, computers & people. Pay as you grow for structure, space, and services and avoid the office-turned IT graveyard. ...so kind of like a server farm (harder to illustrate) that has acreage for data storage, program files, applications, and other hardware and intelligent software... Not really. There is a cautionary tone (and high priorities assigned) with respect to security for both hosts and clients. For that matter, neither is the application, the server, the system, or much of a "computer" at all...
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