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why were women not allowed to vote?

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tajanna mosley

on 19 November 2013

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Transcript of why were women not allowed to vote?

Women's suffrage!!!
What year did women get the right to vote?
In 1920 the 19Th amendment was passed allowing women to vote on august 26.
why were women not allowed to vote?
women through the centuries have been treated as second class citizens.Traditionally due to gender roles, women have been the ones who stayed home and took care of the house and children. As a result, women traditionally did not vote, as they were not present. As the modern day came women demand a more active role in the forming of a society.
Who was the main women trying to fight for women to vote?
she was one of advocates in leading the way for women's right to vote in the american government.She also co-founded the women right,"The Revolution".She traveled the averaged 75to 100 speeches per year for her women to vote.
Where was the first place, women can vote?
New zeal and was the fist country to allow women to vote.
women who try to vote were forced prison where they went on hunger strikes.
They wanted the right to own property, to keep their own wages, to divorce,to gain custody of the children, to attend college and to
What struggle did women have to go through to gain the right to vote?
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