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To the Fantastic Foursome

To my bestestest friends

Hannah Loves Chocolate

on 6 June 2013

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Transcript of To the Fantastic Foursome

Later on... Next... Results Core The Four Greatest Friends
2012-2013 They might of had some sad moments with each other, but they worked out the problems and found that they weren't like the others. They weren't afraid of how they looked, or how loud they were, but there was only one thing they all were afraid of: P.E. From: Hannah :) In the
beginning.... Hannah: Some crazy kid who wasn't afraid of letting EVERYONE hear her. When things got awkward, she'd say "So, the economy's bad."
Definition: She was VERY loud. Rosa A girl who liked to talk about Winx, write about Winx, TALK ABOUT WINX.
Definition: She liked Winx alot. Gigi The "fangirl" of My Little Pony, hated our classmates, and laughed at a LOT of weird noises Hannah made. For Example, the helicopter sound.
Definition: She was giggly. Britney she was a quiet girl, wasn't at school on Mondays, like South Park and rock music. She too hated our classmates, and P.E.
Definition: She was quiet. Some students have
got in their ways,
teased them a bit,
maybe even put them down.
But they stuck together, and together they are strong. Then.... A lazy baker who loves chocolate and hates reading. She is still very loud though, and loves to be happy and filled with spirit. Likes to make everyone in a joyful mood. Hannah: Rosa: A Winx fan-fiction writer who loves to draw her own characters for her novels. She always laughs at small jokes, and laughs loudly at big ones. Rosa is always there to lend a hand, and a pencil. Gigi: Gigi writes cool stories and still is a big fan of My Little Pony. An amazing artist too, is great at drawing guys with cool hair. She loves rainbows because "I like to see dead ponies in the sky" (says Gigi at school). A psychotic girl, who only thinks of two things: Yoai and her BL ships. She draw really cool anime, and likes to write fan-fictions based on her ships (Not family friendly; rated M). She doesn't like to run, or exercise, nor move. The D.C. trip came, and they began to get closer and learned more about who they were. They found out Hannah liked free hotel stuff, Rosa wears towel turbans, Gigi's favorite song is "Rainbow Factory", and Britney is afraid barrels. Britney was even being EXTREMELY loud. (Plus she kept licking her pen...) Britney: To those three special people that I am making this out to (Rosa, Gigi, and Britney) I'm sorry if I have done anything bad,
and sorry if I was a bother. But I wanted to let you guys know that all of you have been great friends to me, and I can't thank you enough. You guys are the most amazing friends I've had, and I mean it with my life. Have A Great Summer, and see you next year!! Thanks for Everything:

Hannah Go Elix!! Also The Fantastic Foursome <-- Britney
(Im on FIRE!
Like how Dan
isn't) Hannah -->
(told you I was fluffy) <-- Rosa
(I'm a ninja,
I blend in) Gigi -->
(Haha Im rain!! After me comes the dead ponies!) Music: "Beam Me Up" by P!nk

Pictures from Google.
Everything else:
Hannah!! Thanks for
Watching!! Now it's done. Ok. Bye now. You can go now. Just close your window, now it's finished. Dude, CLOSE I-----
Wait one more slide. Now it's done. Being with you guys, will always be a memory to remember. P.E Sup...
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