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Kinder Art

No description

Carolina Arroyave

on 10 January 2018

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Transcript of Kinder Art

Welcome to . . . .

Ms. Arroyave
MacArthur Elementary
Hoffman Estates, IL
Welcome to Art with Ms. Arroyave!

Mona Lisa Ready

Learning names and routines

by Patrick McDonnell

Make some art!

Clean Up

Review Rules & Seats

Today we will
: Create an artwork
FULL of lines!


Lines that Wiggle!

Line drawings and paintings!

Today we will:
Create lines like
Larry the Snake!

: Stand up and be a line!

Larry the . . . .

Draw "grass" lines on base
Cut strips! (share)
Glue strips!
What does art teach us?
Brian Andreas
Kindred Spirits

: Create a Mouse with Shapes!

What shapes do you see in the art room?
Draw with finger!

Mouse Shapes!

Trace shapes and cut!

Build your mouse!

: Draw things your mouse likes to do!

: Create a self-portrait that tells
a story!

What is a self portrait?
Tell me about this artist.

Draw yourself with shapes! BIG!

Now think of your favorite activity!

Draw something from your favorite activity! BIG!

Go over lines with black paint.

Goal: Create a self-portrait that tells a story!

Introduce Brian Andreas
What stories do our self-portraits tell?

Add background color with
paint stampers!

Collaborative drawing?

Unit 3: Art from other

What is beauty?
Where do we see beauty?
How/why do people show beauty?
Review Pattern

Finish Pattern on Necklace
(or draw . . . ?)

Create center medallion!

Where else do see jewelry
around the world?
How do you think this was made?

Jewelry Centers
Today we will: ?????
Today we will:
Continue our African necklaces!
Today we will:
Create jewelry at centers!
Begin our "pattern" artworks!

1. Practice
2. Start!

What did we make?!
Today we will:
Finish our texture monsters!


Finish our monsters!
1. Finish background if needed
2. Trace and cut out monster head and body.
3. Glue down on texture paper!
4. Use collage bins to add arms, legs, horns, eyes, teeth, etc.
Unit 2:
Art Tells a Story

Welcome Back!
What responsibilities do artists have?
Review: Art Rules & Expectations
Scrap Hats!
Review Secondary colors

What do you notice about Jim Dine's hearts?

Begin our heart art!
: I can make a rainbow!

What is a rainbow? Where do we see them?
What are the colors?


Rainbow Centers

Share if time

- VA:Cr2.3.Ka: Create art that represents natural and constructed environments.


- VA:Re8.1.Ka: Interpret art by identifying subject matter and describing relevant details

- VA:Cn11.1.Ka: Identify a purpose of an artwork.

1. Why make art about nature?
2. How can we identify art about nature?
3. How did Monet make art about nature? How can we?

Big Idea
: Nature in Art
: Learn about Claude Monet and his art!

What do you notice about Monet's artwork?
How do you think he made his art?

What is an impressionist?
Paint like an Impressionist!
: Create like Claude Monet!

Why did Monet make the Japanese bridge over and over?

Read . . .

Let's create a bridge for our paintings!

: What can we put near our bridge?
Bridge reflection in water, lilies, etc.
Use oil pastels.
: Create art like Monet!

What do you notice about Monet's water lilies?

1. Write name
2. Paint paper
4. Sprinkle salt!

4. Color 1 coffee filter
5. Write name with sharpie
: Create art like Monet!

How did Monet make his water lilies?
(Play video)

What did we do last class?

1. Finish coloring coffee filter
2. Place on white paper and paint with water!
3. Cut out lily pads!
5. Glue on painting from last class
: Share our Monet-inspired artworks!

Why did Monet make art about nature?

Draw Frog!

Put together lily pads!
1. Pinch coffee filter
2. Glue flower on lily pad
3. Cut out and glue on frog

Eyes are watching,
Ears are listening,
Lips are closed,
Hands are still,
Feet are very quiet,
You should really try it.
Time to start.
Time for art!

Today we will:
Create lines like
Larry the Snake!


Add a tiger to our line jungle!*

Review Larry the Line poem!
Cutting & Gluing

Larry the Line
Is a friend of mine
He can make three
Straight lines for me!
Diagonal and horizontal!
Any curve, he can learn
With a twist and a turn.
When he's out of his tangle
he makes a great...angle.
Any line, he can make
After all, he's a snake!
*Warn paintings will be cut up. Paint on paper with lines printed on back.
Centers Day?
*have sheet with circle for head and body? students add rest. also dashed line to cut on.
: Create art for Veterans Day!

What is Veterans Day?

Veterans choice artwork

*Enter and Grade Portraits*

*Lay African necklace next to students to photograph for Artsonia and assess
: Create a texture background!

What is texture?
Where do we see texture?

Color with texture plates!

: Create a texture monster collage!

Review texture

Paint and scrape!

How do artists use their imagination?
Where the Wild Things Are

Lets brainstorm a monster!
Color & Hearts
Today we will:
Mouse Paint
and create secondary colors!

Mouse Paint

Let's Dance in some colors!
1. Name
2. Draw mice and puddle with sharpie
3. Color hand yellow and red
4. Mix in puddle!
5. Repeat 2 more mice with other colors . . .

Bonus: Draw cat, color, cut and glue.
: Create colorful art like Jim Dine!
1. Write your name on all four pieces of paper
2. Fold [small colorful] paper in half
3. Open up and paint one side
4. Smoosh together!
5. Repeat 3 more times
: Continue our Heart Art inspired by Jim Dine!
1. Color each section with crayon

2. Stamp A LOT

3. Cut out hearts if time.
Continue hearts!
What other art does Jim Dine like to do?
What art of his to you like best? Why?
: I can make a rainbow!


Rainbow Painting!

*possibly prep liquid watercolors made from
old blue markers
End of Year Quick Project:
Animals in Art

1. Write name
2. Draw turtle BIG (step by step together)

3. Color inside turtle (emphasize mixing colors)
Finish turtles?

Or . . . . .
*Note that whatever is done, should be with dry media and taken home since this may be the last art class for some*
*Tip: think sky at top and water at bottom*
2017 - make simpler background
Share Texture Monsters! (Finish if needed)
*Artsonia and grade*

2017 - Curator Game?

How to draw . . .
[see video in google drive]
1. Draw horizon line with white oil pastel
2. Add ripples and rain drops
3. Color rainbow (up from horizon line)
4. Make the whole paper wet with water (wet on wet)
5. Paint with blue watercolors!
Impressionists were artists who painted small paint strokes (like dots) with BRIGHT colors. They liked to show where it was light and dark, and often made the painting seem like a "quick glimpse" of an outdoor scene (not a lot of small details). Monet was an impressionist!
Why did Monet make his Japanese footbridge paintings over and over?
What season do you think each of these was made? What time of day? How can you tell?
1. Write name
2. Paint DOTS close together (touching) ALL OVER
Goal: Finish our Monet leftovers and BONUS!

1. Pass out art
2. Finish anything not done

3. BONUS: Draw your favorite place outside.
Fill the WHOLE PAGE without scribbling.

4. Collect art (take back to classroom/P.E. in a pile)
5. Clean up! Quiet game if time.

*assess student work, if possible, during this time*
Goal: Create an animal drawing!
Bonus: Practice drawing hearts sheet
Goal: Learn about masks!


Glad Monster, Sad Monster
*Put masks on board*

Act out monsters

1. Cut out mask
2. Draw nose and mouth with oil pastels
3. Paint with watercolor
Goal: Learn about and create masks!

Why do people make masks?
What could we use our masks for?

Decorate rest of mask at centers!
Demo: ears, hair, & cheek decorations

"Perform" if time!
(Keep masks at school . . .)
Goal: Learn about and create costumes!

What else do performers wear, besides masks?

What kinds of hands would this character have?
Would your character have?

Create hands!
1. Cut out hands
2. Add nails
3. Add other decorations!
Teacher staples on straps

Goal: Finish our "performance artworks" with . . . . ?

What art are our performances missing?

Where does your character belong?
Draw character's set design/habitat
Tip: Draw house or room

(Finish stapling straps)
2018 - paint primary colors
rethink folding?

Goal: Finish Jim Dine Heart's Collage!

Review colors

Compare and contrast our hearts to J.D.

Finish heart collages!

Week of
Feb 6
Week of
Feb 13
Week of
Feb 20

Week of
Feb 27
Week of
March 6
Week of
March 13
Week of
March 20
Tools next year?
Mask Ideas




Cheek decorations
*keep for artsonia?
Why do people wear jewelry?
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