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ICM Prezi Presentation

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Lateral Group

on 2 July 2013

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Transcript of ICM Prezi Presentation

Collect, clean and optimize customer data
Create a single customer view
Sharpen customer understanding
using data analytics
Devise the right strategy to achieve your customer engagement goals
Create compelling, relevant messages
that best fit the chosen channels
Marketing Resource

Brand management through production of collateral, digital assets, online content and print
Prospects & Customers
Target the exact audiences according
to behavior, attitudes and profiles
Online Channels
Deploy communications for all online
and mobile campaigns
Offline Channels
Support communications for all offline
print and advertising campaigns
Generate vital information via client and customer interactions to inform future campaigns
Back Office Processing
Processing of payment, responses and archiving to
meet regulatory and service requirements
Management of logistics, storage,
distribution and mailings
ICM Audit
Data Audit
Single Customer View
Framework X
Engagement Planning
Marketing Print Management

Case Studies
National Pizza Chain
Directory Services Company

The Challenge
How well is your marketing activity working to achieve your customer engagement objectives?

With marketers’ responsibilities now ranging from marketing resource management to behavioral economics, and big data to supply chain optimization, few teams have the resources and time to keep abreast and capitalize on the latest trends and approaches.

Add to this the many internal and external factors (including ever changing regulations) that influence your activity and even the best teams can begin to struggle. With all this in mind, how can you ensure your marketing function is performing at its best?
Our Solution
The ICM Audit is an assessment of your marketing activity and capabilities.

We start by understanding your vision for customer engagement, followed by an assessment of your current marketing activity and processes using the 12 competencies of our ICM Framework.

Within the audit we evaluate the effectiveness and efficiency of your activity. We then identify any gaps and provide recommendations on how they can be addressed.

By focusing on optimizing your marketing activity as a whole, the audit provides a clear roadmap to help you achieve a higher impact and ROI.
The Challenge
Data is a vital business asset, but many marketers do not have access to clean, relevant, regulatory compliant customer data that can inform their marketing decisions.

Often an organization’s data systems evolve over time with little or no relationship between them. Customer data becomes spread out across many operational systems, which means marketing departments may not be able to support a clear and actionable customer engagement program.
Our Solution
Lateral Group specializes in helping organizations understand and engage with their customers. Central to this are our skills in data management, its analysis and utilization.

Based on your marketing and customer engagement objectives, we assess your data infrastructure and help define your data requirements including your ability to support these. At the end of the audit you will receive a detailed report identifying strengths, weaknesses and any gaps in your current data infrastructure, including what you need to do to achieve your marketing objectives.
The Challenge
Data accuracy is reduced by up to 30% every year and without regular data cleansing your organization’s ability to identify, recognize and contact customers is seriously compromised.

Inaccurate and unoptimized customer contact data can lose you money and render your communications completely redundant.
Our Solution
Surety enables the production of accurate and optimized customer records ready to be used for targeting. The data optimization process performs cleansing, de-duplication, suppression and validation delivering ready to use customer contact data.

Accurate customer data is the foundation of a successful marketing communication.

To demonstrate the power of Surety, Lateral Group offer new clients a free data healthcheck service for up to 250,000 customer records.
The Challenge
Organizations may not be taking full advantage of the vast amount of customer data across their business to fully shape, target, monitor and evaluate their marketing activity.

The absence of a Single Customer View prevents organizations from gaining a full insight into their customers’ purchase history and buying preferences – this restricts personalized 1-2-1 communication.

Engaging and transacting through multiple channels creates additional data that needs to be structured, stored and made accessible to all your relevant departments. In addition, there is a continuous need for data compliance.
Our Solution
A Single Customer View consolidates all customer data including their interactions and purchase history into a single accurate view.

Insights into purchase history and buying preferences allow you to up-sell and cross-sell through relevant 1-2-1 communication.

A Single Customer View allows you to make powerful and informed decisions that shape your customer communications for maximum direct marketing effect and increased ROMI.

Lateral Group’s Single Customer View solution also ensures you comply with the latest regulations and legislations.
The Challenge
Marketers all too often resonate with the age old quote “…I know half of my advertising is wasted, I just don’t know which half”.

How to focus your marketing budget is one of the greatest challenges, and knowing who and what you should focus on – new customers for growth, or existing for retention – is the key to maximizing the value of your customer base.
Our Solution
Framework X combines a robust customer valuation approach with detailed individual insights. It allows you to instantly evaluate the impact of potential engagement approaches followed by their planning and execution – all the while tracking your returns over time.

Framework X combines lifestage, behavioral and value-based segmentation to identify how your customer base changes over time, and which factors are driving that change.
Framework X makes use of lifestage archetypes to model
the changing value of your customer base over time
The Challenge
Achievement of your business objectives such as sales growth and increased ROI need to be supported by underlying customer and communications objectives, like on-boarding new customers, growing value from active customers, retention and loyalty, reducing customer churn and improving incremental sales.

But how do you deal with customers who
are moving faster than ever in their ‘always on’ world, engaging with multiple brands and messages, across multiple devices and through multiple channels?

To engage with customers and drive positive behavior change, you need to be able to navigate these challenges effectively.
Our Solution
Our Engagement Planning solution delivers a strategy to affect customer behavior change and improve customer performance.

Using a three stage process, we look at information sources that include behavioral data, qualitative and quantitative research, social listening, and client stakeholder input.

We then use your business and marketing objectives (and our Framework X customer migration model where relevant) to identify and define your communications objectives. This informs your customer engagement strategy, which enables the creation of a detailed communications plan that delivers the right message, to the right person, through the right channel, at the right time.
The Challenge
A constant challenge for organizations is to increase the effectiveness of email communications and inspire customers to engage with them.

With increasing email volumes your customers are bombarded with multiple emails every day. How do you make sure your email is opened and the customer acts on its call to action?

What skills and best practices are required in building a positive brand reputation, trusted 1-2-1 relationships and a leading customer engagement in order to achieve your email objectives and maximize revenue?
Our Solution
SmartCast is a powerful, market leading, and future-proof email platform. It can be used off-the-shelf, or it can be integrated with your customer data systems to create relevant 1-2-1 communications that deliver improved customer engagement.

Lateral Group’s managed service provides a highly skilled team of email experts, planners, developers and consultants who work with you to convert your data into timely, relevant and highly effective email campaigns to realize your engagement objectives while achieving above industry response rates and results.
The Challenge
Declining print volumes are reducing your leverage in the marketplace. Having to deal with multiple vendors, order processes and invoices is inefficient and unsustainable. Multiple vendors produce inconsistent print quality that can lead to brand dilution.

With organizations paying more for the same collateral, how do you find innovative ways to reduce your spend and increase ROI? At the same time, how do you maintain print quality, service efficiency, SLA adherence, regulatory compliance and roadmaps for ethical and green initiatives?
Our Solution
Part of the $3B DST Systems Group which employs 15,000 employees in 52 countries within and outside of North America, Europe and Asia Pacific, we have the reach to become your trusted global partner in Marketing Print Management.

Our solution delivers a channel and vendor agnostic service. We deliver guaranteed cost savings, through a $300M annual print spend, giving us the purchasing power to drive down your procurement costs.

We bring together an Integrated Marketing Communications approach that enables us to analyze and choose the right solution to fit your needs in both digital and traditional Marketing Print Management.
Marketing Print Management Solution
The ICM Audit provides recommendations to optimise your current marketing activity
Change4Life - ICM Audit
Change unhealthy eating habits and promote physical activity stemming from obesity.

One to one communication was preferred vs. mass audience.
Lateral sent out the online and offline communication which included tips and advice on a better diet, healthy lifestyle, etc.
Change4Life - Data Audit
Multi-customer signups through many touchpoints (over 30), created a disjointed view of participants in the Change4Life program.
Lateral working with client and other agencies, identified the entire data landscape of the program.
Change4Life - Surety
Signup data, submitted from multiple channels, was inconsistent and often contained duplicate signups/customer records.
Customer contact information was cleaned and optimized using Surety. Clean data was then linked to the Single Customer View database, getting it ready for targeting.
Change4Life - Single Customer View
Client required comprehensive 360 degree view of the customer.
All data sources linked: direct mail, call center, website, etc. to provide a technically elegant Single Customer View. The engine of the multi-channel CRM program.
Change4Life - Framework X
New and existing customers targeted differently with varying relevant messages.
Dynamic communications matrix created to identify which lifestage the customers were in, in their relationship to Change4Life.
Change4Life - Creative Services
Data-capture microsites needed to be optimally designed to collect customer information.
Lateral Group devised the user journey and the visually compelling design of campaign-specific microsites. The goal was to ensure the most information was captured in as few key-strokes and clicks as possible.
Change4Life - Engagement Planning
Acquisition/retention campaigns had overarching objectives but needed to be tied back to the target audience.
Lateral planned many of the CRM communications to the existing audience, as well as the communications journey of newly acquired consumers and their families. Platforms utilized include: email, SMS, Postal, social media and smartphone app.
Change4Life - MarketPower
With 11 million potential participants, the call center responders could not pull up a participant's information if that person called to ask a question.
MarketPower was built to view the scanned questionnaire and the resulting action plan. Could be viewed with a single click on the Contact Center agent's screen to support consumers who called in.
Change4Life - SmartCast
The client wished to send tailored family action plans and target messaging to a wide variety of audiences.
SmartCast was used to build highly personalized and dynamic email campaigns supported by personalized microsites.
Change4Life - Print Management
Personalization and variable digital printed output required to ensure that online or offline messaging had the same level of personalization as dynamic creative.
DST executed all offline communications and printing requirements, from personalization to fully variable high volume digitally printed output.
National Pizza Chain -
Marketing Resource Management

Give franchisees a degree of freedom to promote own stores within their local catchment area while keeping control of aspects like design, branding and cost.
We created MarketStore – an online portal for the client’s franchisees to help plan and execute their local marketing campaigns.
A leading directory services company -
online communication (using SmartCast)

Create an advertising campaign to retain existing customers and win new business.
We developed a program that processed customer data, developed a microsite and email template and then tracked customer responses.
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