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TF2 Starter Guide - My Research Project For School

TF2 Starter Guide For Newbs

Nathan Tran

on 28 April 2013

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Transcript of TF2 Starter Guide - My Research Project For School

Best F2P Game Ever Scout - Tiny Tanker Scout: Soldier Soldier: Pyro: Uncloaks Spies Demoman: Fun Fact: He is Scottish Heavy: Heavy is not EXACTLY smart :P (Just In Meet The Heavy) Engineer: Best/Worst Class Medic YOU are Heavy's BFF
HEAL HIM Sniper: Has (Obviously) a zoom on his snipers Ej's Fav Chracter Has Double Jump Ninja Speed (With Exception of Baby Face's Blaster) Baseball Maniac Triple Jumps if Atomizer
is equipped Rocket Jumps All-Around Type Class Milestone Items:
1. The Equalizer
2. Direct Hit
3. Buff Banner Milestone Items:
1. Force-a-Nature
2. Sandman
3. Bonk! Atomic Punch! Delusional - Lost In Happy Land 3 Weapons and 2 Items That Take you to happy "pyro" land Milestone Items:
1. Flare Gun
2. Backburner
3. Axtinguisher Fun Fact: Came from Boston Lost an eye as a child 2 Modes: Demoman
Demoknight Sticky Jumps Milestone Items:
1. Charge 'n' Targe
2. Eyelander
3. Scottish Resistance Medics = #1 Friend (But not Spies) Funny Fact: Taunt Kill/1 Hit K.O.
1. Sandvich (No i did not spell it wrong)
2. Natascha
3. Killing Gloves Of Boxing ALWAYS
Spy Check Spies = Worst Enemy Milestone Items:
1. Frontier Justice
2. Gunslinger
BATTLE WITH A SYRINGE GUN (OnlyRangedWepYouHaveAndItKindaSux)
Only use syringe gun for defense and run away as fast as you can Milestone Items:
1. Blutsauger
2. Kritzkrieg
3. Ubersaw Has 4 Passive items and 2 SMGs as SecondaryWeps Sniper can OBVIOUSLY get headshots
(With Exception of Sydney Sleeper) Milestone Items:
1. Huntsman
2. Jarate (Pee in a jar that you throw on people)
3. Razorback Spy: Nathan's Fav Character Can cloak himself with invis watch Milestone Items:
1. Ambassador
2. Cloak 'n' Dagger
3. Dead Ringer Backstab does 6x Victim's Health #1 Enemy: Pyro Bibliography TF2 Wiki Author: Valve HTTP address:
http://wiki.teamfortress.com/wiki/Main_Page Date of Visit:
4/18/13 He's 'Merican YEA! When the Equalizer or Escape Plan is equipped,
if you taunt you will commit suicide 3 Flamethrowers with
Airblast and 1 without airblast - The "Phlogistinator" Beggar's Bazooka
can shoot 3 missiles
at a time, given enough
charge Only 2 "Buyable"
(With Real Cash)
Sticky Bomb Launchers 3 "Buyable" Grenade Launchers:
1. Primary 'Nade Launcher
2. Loch 'n' Load
3. Loose Cannon If you kill someone with the BFB then you WILL HAVE MORE SPEED THAN NINJA SPEED Has the Most Health in the game currently with 300 HP The Natascha,
When you hit somebody with it, will slow them down Have a Pyro Spy Check
for you Wrangler can control
Sentry Gun and make a protective
shield around Sentry Gun Blutsauger takes away health unless you hit somebody with it's Syringes Dead Ringer, when someone hurts you,
will conjure up a fake corpse and you will
turn invisible for a short amount of time Can disguise as anyone from your team or the other team Sydney Sleeper applies jarate effect but can't get headshots Machina Can ONLY fire when
Scoped and fires tracer bullets My Little Clip: All Classes X Hope You Enjoy! ;) Quiz TIME!!!
You didn't think we would let you go off without a quiz, did you?
MWAHAHHAHA 1. What are the 3 Milestone items for the spy? Hint: 2 are cloaks
and 1 is a revolver 2. What class is the ONLY class that regenerates
health automatically? Hint: Heavy's BFF 4. Where is the Demoman from? Only Class
That Regens
HP Auto Hint:
WHY DO YOU STILL WANT HINTS?! 5. Scouts are fast, but what weapong can make the scout super fast if you shoot enough people? Hint:
Pst, Pst HEY it's initials are B.F.B and its a blaster for ghasts
(Baby Face) 3. Where is the scout from? I did the Backstaybe Quiz Answers:

1. Ambassador, Cloak 'n' Dagger, and Dead Ringer

2. Medic

3. Boston

4. Scotland

5. Baby Face's Blaster

Grading Key:
Miss 0 = 100 :D
Miss 1 = 80 :\
Miss 2 = 60 :(
Miss 3 = 40 D:
Miss 4 = 20 D;
Miss 5 = 0 YOU FAIL D; D; Coming Up: A VIDEO BY ME/Nathan!!!!!
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