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Media and Mediation

No description

Laura Johnson

on 11 August 2014

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Transcript of Media and Mediation

As a group we have created activities with the purpose in mind of trying to encourage you to consider the portrayal of things through the media, how the media encourages us to think in certain ways and the power and influence that media has within our lives.

To navigate this presentation use the right arrow key to go to the next slide.

Watch the following YouTube clip:

In your groups, make a comment on Google+ regarding the portrayal of blonde women in the media.
#dumbblondes (Optional Task One)

Complete the following online poll, individually.


Online Poll (Compulsory Task)
Competiton Time! (Optional Task One Cont.)
Find as many blondes as you can in the media that are not portrayed as dumb. Place your list on Google+.

The winning group will get a prize awarded in Week Five Lecture!
Media and Mediation
Week Four - Naomi Dean, Nicole Mifsud, Emily Lowe, Laura Johnson, Alicia Davis, Brittnay Burns, Katrina Johnston
Australian Ads (Optional Task Two)
Watch the following YouTube clip:

Then watch this YouTube clip:
Make a list of ways you can advertise selling a car.
Then watch the following YouTube clip:

Keeping in mind that mediation involves presenting information in a certain way, to get a specific reaction which is favourable to the producer - how has the way the owner advertised his car made it more desirable/got more attention then if he had used another method? Post responses on Google+
After watching the videos, create a Venn-diagram using the following website, to illustrate the similarities and differences in how Australia is portrayed/presented through the two ads. Make a comment on which ad you think is the most powerful/influencing and why. Post to Google+.

Australian Ads (Optional Task Two Cont.)
Car Sales (Optional Task Three)
No Make-up Selfie (Optional Task Four)
Watch the following presentation regarding the no make-up selfies and complete the required tasks.
But first let me take a #selfie (Compulsory)
The following YouTube clip shows some examples of recent 'crazes' that have swept social media. It represents the influence and power social media can have on how we act.
Business Dictionary. (2014). Media. Retrieved from http://www.businessdictionary.com/definition/media.html

Buy My Barina. (2012, July 14). Buy my barina. [Video file]. Retrieved from

Flackin. (2006, March 20). Where the bloody hell are you? [Video file]. Retrieved from

GruenHQ. (2013, August 8). The Pitch | Anti-Australian Tourism Ad (Australia - Where The Bloody Hell Are You Buried?). [Video file]. Retrieved from

Kbamediastudies. (2010). Representation and mediation [PowerPoint slides]. Retrieved from http://www.slideshare.net/kbamediastudies/mediation-and-representation

Larrson, Z. (26, September 2012). Mediation in media [Web log post]. Retrieved from http://zoelarssonmedia.blogspot.com.au/2012/09/mediation-in-media.html

Stansfield, J. (2012, September 26). Mediation - definition [Web log post]. Retrieved from http://stansfieldmmedia.blogspot.com.au/2012/09/mediation-definition.html
(It may open in another window, just press escape)
Introduction cont.
In this presentation there are some compulsory tasks and some optional tasks.

Compulsory Tasks
- Definitons video
- Online Poll
Please complete
Optional Tasks
- #dumbblondes
- Australia Ads
- Car Sales
- No Make-up Selfie
Just for a bit of fun!
Watch the take-off of the Australian Ads
(For those that wish to complete more than two tasks, feel free)
Our topic for this week is Media and Mediation. The following YouTube clip presents some definitions for Media and for Mediation, which have guided our understanding when considering the topic and creating the tasks.
We hope you have enjoyed this week's activities. We look forward to reading your responses and hearing your feedback :)
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