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The City Of Ember


Katerina Simantirakis

on 17 October 2012

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Transcript of The City Of Ember

*When the surface becomes uninhabitable, an underground city is built to sustain human life. Summary THE CITY OF EMBER
BY: JEANNE DUPRAU *A box is left that contains instructions on how to get back to the surface. The box is set to open in 200 years. *200 years is the estimated time for the surface to heal and recover. The box is passed down from mayor to mayor. It is kept a secret from the citizens of Ember until the time is right. Unfortunately, the 7th mayor loses the box. When the box is lost, so is Embers only hope for survival. Lina Mayfleet finds a strange box in her closet. Unfortunately, the instructions are ripped. With the help of her friend Doon Harrow, she starts to figure out the instructions. Realizing the box holds instructions on how to escape Ember, they know how vital it is to decipher the message. Can they figure out the instructions before the light goes out? Or will they be trapped in never-ending darkness forever? What other dark secrets will they uncover about the city of Ember? Two and a half centuries later, Ember is running out of supplies. Food and supplies are running low, and worse, so is electricity. Without electricity, Ember will not be able to keep the lights on, meaning the people will be trapped in the dark forever with no way out. Major Characters
Lina Mayfleet:
*Slender *Long dark hair *Messenger *Hopeful * Good runner *Energetic *Orphan *Creative *Helpful Doon Harrow:
*Black messy hair *Dark thick eyebrows *Serious *Smart *Confident *Pipeworks Laborer * Tall * Judgemental *Caring * Curious *Short tempered Poppy:
*Lina's little sister *Round face *Very young *Round brown eyes *Brown hair *Can't talk yet *Curious
Lizzie Bisco:
* Bright orange hair *Freckles *Lina's friend *Smart *Energetic * Talkative *Supply Depot
*Brown hair *Middle-aged *Tidy *Kind *Caring *Lives alone * Lina's neighbor
*Gray hair *Short *Lina's grandmother *Very old *Takes care of Lina and Poppy * Forgetfull
Loris Harrow:
*Bald *Tall *Smart *Kind *Caring *Wise *Doon's father *Owns a shop Minor Characters: Settings Lina's Home Doon's Home Book Review! 7/10 This action adventure novel has a very good story. The overall setup was enough to get me reading. I think it was around the middle of the book that I began to lose interest. The begining of the story opens up with a fresh and original idea. I think it was the unique story that made me give this book a rating higher then 6. Once I got to the middle though, I felt it dragged on too much. I learned all that I wanted to know about Ember, so my interest in the story dwindled. Nothing made me want to keep reading the book except for some curiousity about the ending. The ending was probably the most action packed part of the story- which isn't saying much. I do like the ending for its cliffhanger (there is a sequel) and the way it ties all the loose ends together, but I was expecting more. I think the biggest problem I had with this book is that it was too predictable. This book is good for people who want a quick read that is not too confusing. One thing I enjoyed about the author style of writing was the authors use of descriptive words making the text more vivid. I also enjoyed the flashbacks the characters have which allow us some more insight into how the City Of Ember works. A good example would be Lina who vividly describes growing up in Ember and what it was like. MOVIE TRAILER: Reading Passage, Pages 79-80. In this passage Lina is in the streets when suddenly the lights go out.

I picked this passage because it is suspenseful and shows exactly how desperate the situation is. I think it highlights just how much the people of Ember need the lights and how helpless everyone feels. Thanks for watching my Prezi!
Any questions? This city is called Ember
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