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"Harrison Bergeron" Satire

No description

Abdallah Wagdy

on 26 January 2015

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Transcript of "Harrison Bergeron" Satire

Definition of Satire
"Harrison Bergeron" Satire
The tendencies in American society does Kurt Vonnegut trying to satirize of the ideal society that handicapper General Diana Moon Glampers is that the people should be equal in every way, no one else should be above from any other. He wanted that all are equal because the societies that were living now days are controlled the things that make people unequal. Just like what Diana did she manipulated everyone by wearing handicaps in order that everyone is equal. For example Hazel, she thinks that she is perfect so everyone else should be like Hazel. But if you think of it no one else are equal because each of us has differences and capabilities. Vonnegut was from the 1960's During that time the american-people rebelled against the "The Status quo". There was a big distrust between the people and the government and emphasis on individuality.
I think that the author of the book wants to give an example for the readers of the story that the society is going no where as the american society seems to be moving towards a disliked and undesirable phase were individuality doesn't existt and he gives the example in the story if all people in the society the same it will not be good thing for them because all have same amount of thoughts and experience and that adversely affect on their knowledge and if they don’t have the spirit of competition and that’s not good for the society
Vonnegut uses extreme exaggeration of characters and story to portray and depict a universe were equality is taken to a point were everyone is a like and impaired, he uses Satire to prove that "Equality" could lead to oppression of the society and the loss of everyone's personal Freedom. Vonnegut exaggerates the power of the society and the people by the government.
He makes fun of the idea of equality by making the seem to be perfect society to being a miserable society. Everyone wants the perfect society which is making the people angry and don’t want the idea of equality, George and hazel don’t know what they can do and they are in a tragedy , because they can’t think in there society .George can’t understand the problem because the law says that George is very smart. And Vonnegut was making fun of the idea as He create characters like Harrison and George doesn’t obey to the government rules or anything and he want to live like a free life without unimpeded.
A way of using humor to show that something or someone, is weak or foolish, Humor that shows the bad qualities of a person, government, society, etc.
Merriam Webster.com
How does he make fun of government agencies and of the belief that absolute equality is desirable?
According to Vonnegut, in what direction does society seem to be moving?
How does Vonnegut employ exaggeration for satiric effect?
What tendencies in American society does Kurt Vonnegut satirize in “Harrison Bergeron”?
Definition of Satire
The Use of Irony, Sarcasm, Ridicule, to expose foolishness or stupidity.
Here's an Example of Satire
Quick Question
Before We begin What Can You Notice about this picture?
A picture of Harrison and the Performer, Now can anyone define Satire Again?
These Pictures depict the handicappers are in the story as you can see they are striped from all there individuality
How does Vonnegut employ exaggeration for satiric effect?(Cont)
Another strong point in the main theme of the story is that Vonnegut creates satire by making fun of the American Amendments as he says “…211th, 212th, 213th Amendments to the constitution” which shows how easily the laws and rules that American people in the past had worked for the 10 main amendments to the constitution became almost like a game to the future corrupt American society, and proves how much can change in the American democratic society.
Here's an form of Satire LoL
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